The 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World

What should not be missing in any amusement park are roller coasters. There are, however, many different models, large, small, extremely fast and rather harmless, wooden roller coasters and even “underwater” roller coasters. Of course, the highest roller coasters are among the most spectacular. These can be found in different countries.

The 10 tallest roller coasters for all adrenaline junkies

In 2016 there will be a new roller coaster at number one, the SkyScraper, which is located in the SkyPlex in the USA. At the moment this roller coaster is still under construction. It should reach a height of 173 meters and wrap around a tower. The journey will go down partially vertically, with the gondola turning around itself with the passengers.

At the moment, the Kingda Ka, who is in the US in the Six Flags Great Adventure, is still in first place. This roller coaster is 139 meters high. At the start of this train, the speed is so great that the cable has to be cooled by water. The roller coaster itself can still be seen from the Seaside Heights Bridge, which is 34 km away.

In second place of the highest roller coasters is the Top Thrill Dragster, also in the USA, at Cedar Point. The height of this vehicle is 128 meters. This model is a steel roller coaster designed by a German engineering firm and built by a Swiss company.

Third place can also be found in the USA, in the SIX Flags Magic Mountain. Here is the 126.5 meter tall Superman: Escape from Krypton. This steel shuttle roller coaster was opened on March 15, 1997.

Fourth place is the Tower of Terror II roller coaster. You can find it in Dreamworld, Australia. It has a height of 115 meters. When this opened in 1997, it was both the tallest and the fastest roller coaster or world.

The smaller of the tall roller coasters

From fifth place on, the highest roller coasters are all under 100 meters, which is still an enormous height.

The Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan, which can be visited in Nagashima Spa Land, takes fifth place. It impresses with a height of 97 meters. A big highlight of this roller coaster is that it still holds the record as the longest roller coaster. It leads over a length of 2479 meters.

The Millennium Force is 94.5 meters high at Cedar Point in the USA. It is in 6th place and extends over an area of ​​5.3 hectares.

In seventh place is the Leviathan roller coaster in Canada’s Canada’s Wonderland. This is 93.3 meters high and a top speed of 148 km / h. In Canada, this is not only the tallest, but also the fastest roller coaster.

Eighth, the Intimidator 305 in the Kings Dominion in the USA, is stately 93 meters high. This had to be defused a few years ago, as blackouts occurred with some passengers. However, there is no longer a problem here.

Ninth place is in Japan, in Tokyo Dome City. It is the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster with a height of 80 meters.

The Fujiyama roller coaster in the Fuji-Q Highland in Japan is only one meter lower. This vehicle measures 79 meters in height. For all friends of fast speed, there is guaranteed to find something here.

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