We Tested the New Fragrance of Mango, Lady Rebel

In Christmas give away many colonies and perfumes. You have already submitted a selection of perfumes intense and sometimes we tell you how they are and how to smell the fragrances that are falling on the skin of Sweeping, so it is easier to choose.

Today it is the turn to the new fragrance of Mango, Lady Rebel. It is a scent conceived in a dual way, on the one hand remains one of the strongest this autumn-winter trends, the style rocker, and by not losing the feminine essence more Lady. This duality is also born the name: Lady Rebel.

By the way, the letters and the drawing of the packaging reminds me enough to Black XS by Paco Rabanne, Perfume also manufactured by the same company that this handle, Puig.

Does smell Lady Rebel to what?

Lady Rebel is a scent floral and fruity, with notes very sparkling at the beginning, then they leave step by a fund very sensual and provocative, more intense and lasting.

In the output, Lady Rebel has fresh Mojito and sour notes of wild strawberry and pineapple and combines them with more Oriental notes in the heart and her background as the wood, Petal Pink, sugar flavoured vanilla and patchouli. It is precisely that background sugary and sweet, which remains more time after the application and which gives more body to this fragrance.

The fixation and the Lady Rebel woman

Taking into account the factors that affect in the fixation of a scent (the type of skin, sweating, the time of year and the ph of the skin), Lady Rebel is a fragrance with very good fixation. Output (mojito, strawberries and pineapple) notes are more volatile, as happens in all fragrances, but the heart and background notes persist throughout the day on your skin, at least in mine.

Lady Rebel is a fragrance versatile both the age of the woman who wears it and by the time of day that you can use it. We find the vibrant, feminine and non-conformist spirit of this fragrance in a broad spectrum of age of women, both young and more mature. Although personally, I’m inclined more to recommend it to young women.

As for the time of use, can be a perfect perfume for the night by this sensual background, but is also suitable to take it of day precisely because of its sparkling initial strength.

Lady Rebel formats

Lady Rebel is presented in Eau de toilette spray 100 ml at a preferred price of 19.95 euros. For Christmas, have created a Special chest, ideal for gift giving, which contains apart from the colony in the aforementioned size, body milk 100 ml and two sheets Lady Rebel to 20,90 euro. Sold in Mango stores and perfumeries.