Top Cities in Texas

Top Cities in Texas

Austin, Texas – United States

Lively city on the water

According to, Austin is the capital of Texas. Located on the Colorado River, Austin is the fourth largest city in the state. Located in a flat region of Texas, the city is surrounded by a water-rich and green natural landscape.

Towering over the Capitol in Washington – Austin State Capitol

College town in Texas

The Texas city is home to many students and is described as particularly liberal. Austin itself is home to around 865,000 people, and almost 2 million in the extended catchment area around the city. The number of students is about 53 thousand people.

Austin, Texas has 200 cultural venues that feature live music and other cultural events. That’s why Austin is also known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Numerous music festivals take place throughout the year.

Austin skyline on the Colorado River in Texas

Work and play in Austin

American high-tech companies have settled in the Texas student town of Austin. In addition to the cultural scene, Austin also has a lot to offer in terms of nature. During the warm season, about 1.5 million bats fly out of the Congress Bridge to hunt at the same time every evening. This attraction attracts a large number of visitors. Lakes surrounding the city of Austin offer a wide range of recreational activities and recreation.

Fort Worth in Texas – USA

Cowboy town and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

The city of Fort Worth is located in Northeast Texas, west of Dallas. About 920,000 people lived in Forth Worth in 2020. Around 7.7 million people currently live in the extended region around Fort Worth, including Arlington and Dallas. Dallas and Fort Worth together form the ” Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex “. The Texas Christian University is based in the Texas city, as is a major American airline. Texan oil once brought great wealth to the city. Just outside of the city of Fort Worth is Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Dallas Cowboys Football Stadiumis just a 20 minute drive from Fort Worth.

Downtown Fort Worth mit Trinity River in Texas

In the spirit of the Wild West

Forth Worth is a melting point when it comes to art. There are 5 outstanding museums to discover in the Fort Worth Cultural District. Fort Worth ‘s Stockyards National Historic District has other surprises in store. A historic cattle drive is re-enacted twice a day, just like it was back in the Wild West. Adjacent to the world’s largest honky tonk bar, Billy Bob’s Texas with regular live country music, rodeo events are held year-round. Fort Worth has dedicated its tourism to the cultural heritage of the Wild West. You can enjoy a cold beer in an original replica of a saloon. In numerous shops in the district you can buy high-quality western clothing, from cowboy boots to western hats.

Established as a military post

Fort Worth was founded in 1849 as a military settlement, as a border town during the Mexican-American War. Fort Worth is on the legendary Chisholm Trail. The “Trail” drove huge herds of cattle north to Abilene, Kansas, by Texas ranchers until the mid-19th century. From there, the herds were then transported by railroad. At the end of the 19th century, Fort Worth was connected to the American rail network, and the cattle drive to Kansas was no longer necessary. Fort Worth has always been referred to as the “Cowboy City” of Texas. Today, the Texan city offers a wide range of culture and cuisine.

Longhorn cattle drive in the streets of Fort Worth

City of cowboys young at heart

Fort Worth appears as a very young city due to the numerous students and graduates in the streets, bars and pubs. The main meeting point in the city is Sundance Square Plaza. The architecture in the center of Fort Worth skillfully mixes the old stylistic elements of the cowboy town with modern architecture. In addition to the diverse cultural offerings at Sundance Square, you can shop around the square and satisfy your hunger. There is a paper printer in Forth Worth that prints the US $100 bills. The Texas Motor Speedway is a worthwhile travel destination for fans of motor sports. The Bass Performance Hall is one of the best opera houses in the world. The Fort Worth Zoo is a worthwhile destination for families.

Dallas in Texas – United States

On the green wave

The eco-city of Dallas is the third largest city in the US state of Texas and ranks among the top 10 largest cities in the United States. Dallas has a population of around 1.2 million and is located in Northeast Texas. The greater Dallas metropolitan area is home to approximately 6.5 million people.

Dallas Texas skyline

From oil to high-tech location

During the oil boom, Dallas was a strategically important trading center in the southern state. The days of unbridled oil production are long gone. Today, modern media corporations are based in the Texas city. Dallas has an architecturally remarkable downtown area with numerous very tall buildings. Dallas sees itself as an environmentally conscious city.

History Museum in Dallas, Texas

Great efforts are being made to make the Texas city a leader in environmental sustainability.

Dallas in Texas - United States