Too Much Makeup or How a Painting, by Taylor Momsen

The pictures are painted in many ways. Pollock was riding his own personal war under the technical free painting, Equipo crónica recreated emblematic canvases and & #8230; Taylor Momsen He used his face as one canvas more.

The style of one of the protagonists of Gossip Girl It is quite unusual. I sometimes love and others seems to me it’s a tacky without taste (to what say euphemisms?). As soon as to makeup, the second option is that tends to dominate in my opinions.

I am of those who prefer that the makeup is used in its lesser extent, Since the more a woman is given, more it is hiding and most grating is the result. The proof is in this snapshot from the shooting of the American series, where Taylor Momsen looks like anything but a trendsetter. I’m sure that more than one is thinking now a stronger comparison to see the young actress but I preferiré to avoid it.

The sum of the Fuchsia lipstick intense, think carrying all bar lips, eye shadow that floods the entire face, mascara, Rouges and their hair dye … make that looks like a monster, When is the girl very pretty.

It will be that you don’t follow the advice of our colleagues from sweeping. Do you think you?