Tiiu Kuik, Something More Than an Exotic Name

Tiiu Kuik I had everything to become all a Queen from the catwalks. To begin a strange and exotic name, a plant and an enviable beauty and that so sexy Moon that made him be a face easily recognizable.

But the fashion world is very Moody and very ephemeral, and staying more than two years at the top today is something very few models available, and but that ask Jessica Miller, another great model that went to world top and whims of fate that stayed on the road.

It is that the trajectory of our protagonist remembers and much to the own Jessica and other so many models that begin to highlight and overnight the morning disappear from the world of runways as by magic, although not all cases are the same, since it seems that Tiiu Kuik beginning to emerge which Phoenix.

However, Tiiu Kuik deserves his post on its own merits and its recognition, despite everything, we are talking about a young model, only 22 years old, but it takes from 15 on the catwalks and although officially it does not parade, is now common to see it in many editorials in major publications.

Tiiu Kuik He was born in Estonia, more specifically in Tallinn in 1987. One of the qualities that stands out most is, like Hana Soukupova, by its height since it is close to the 1.87.

His beginnings in the fashion world date back to the year 2000, which would enter in a modeling agency local after being “discovered” by the agent of models Paolo Moglia, which was dedicated to visit Estonia from top to bottom in search of new promises.

There would be a year until they offered the opportunity to go to work in Japan for a few months at just 14 years old. In Japan he would work for various catalogs and return as expected him nothing more and nothing less than Milan, where moved to focus his career definitely to the world of the runway of the hand of Tom Ford, the great defender as we will see later.

It would not be not a few months of his arrival in the Italian city to see it paraded for the first time. It would be in the year 2002 with 15 years newly completed and would do so for Gucci and Jil Sander.. For the following season the designers figure increased and we could already see it paraded for Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Versace and of course, again Gucci.

Unassembled noisy, in 2003 already beginning to star in editorials in certain magazines known as the Italian version of Vogue, W, or the magazine number, even Tom Ford chose her to open the parade of Gucci that same year over two times. Starting from that moment, the name of Tiiu Kuik starts with force.

Good test were the numerous offers to be image that came you. The more important of the perfume J’Adore Dior, as you can see then where was the witness of his compatriot Carmen Kass. The curious thing about this campaign was that it had to be replaced mid-season by Charlize Theron, Since Chanel had just hired to Nicole Kidman as his image and Dior decided to switch to Tiiu an image more media, which as you can imagine, not helped at all to our protagonist.

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In 2004, despite the concrete platform of J’Adore, it protagonizaría other 3 major campaigns, on the one hand it would be image of the catalogue of Louis Vuitton, turns of the perfume of Moschino Cheap & Chic (collecting the witness of Hana Soukupova which was in 2003) and protagonizaría the campaign of TSE. Would be also home of Vogue Australia in the month of July.

At the same time, that same year averages more than 50 shows per season, including those of Haute Couture, a parade that comes as a ring to the finger by his stature and style to the parade.

He would keep this figure in 2005. Another great year for Tiiu Kuik, becoming the image of the brand of cosmetics CoverGirl, In addition to being the image also stores Neiman Marcus and star in the hood Valentino Red photographed by Steven Klein.

They were certainly moments of maximum splendor of our protagonist, and because many, began to talk about a new supermodel.

But coinciding with the withdrawal of Tom Ford, curiously the Tiiu Kuik presence on the catwalks begins to decline at high speed.

In the 2006 It just parades for 10 second row designers, but still can be seen in the Haute Couture and would also be image only Mont Blanc. In subsequent years, 2007 and 2008, the presence of Tiiu Kuik on the runways would be practically testimonial, although it would open some parade as of Betsey Johnson in New York City.

Nor would any advertising campaign, in recent years although that Yes, we must recognize that in the past few months it seems that Tiiu Kuik becomes rise from their ashes which Phoenix.

Despite being disappeared from the catwalks this year, once again starring in our catalog of Neiman Marcus and now we turn to see some covers of the month of March Glamour Italy, and the of L’Officiel in the month of May. In addition also appears in some editorials as of Marie Claire Italy in the month of June.

Unless his name rings again, and who knows if shortly again to show off their 1.87 and those endless legs on the catwalks, I at least look forward to it.

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