The Major Highlights of Protocol in New Collection of Ch

The Major Highlights of Protocol in New Collection of Ch

There are weeks where we don’t talk about what’s new in perfumes, and others in which we took out our olfactory nose which perfumers. As well, following the analysis of bubble, She Wood and Issey Miyake, comes a tutorial that we can serve as help, signed nothing more and nothing less than by designer┬áCarolina Herrera.

This Protocol was launched this week with the new collection of CH, and among its major highlights, I’ll take the following:

  • Go in the morning to a perfumery, the environment is not so burdened.
  • Nothing echarte perfume behind his ears, fat in this area do not allow that it smacks of equal and varies. Not smears nor your dolls to smell it, say that the structure of the fragrance is broken.
  • To let fixed perfume, where the heart rate are felt most, and are most sensitive areas, wrists, neck, behind the knees and forearm. We are going, where we move.
  • Says designer perfume that let’s not to note not arriving or to leave us. What you want to tell you, I like to leave my scent, ejejjeje…
  • And to perfume the hair, we recommend doing so in the brush before styling us. And those which do not use brush and yes the hands?

In short, either way, are a great gift if you have matched. By the waynot this ravishing woman love you always?

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