Tested Result of the Perfume Mon Jasmin Noir

Do you remember when a few weeks ago I told you new Bulgari, Mon Jasmin Noir perfume, that with Kirsten Dunst and the lion that all thought that it was a montage? Well, here I show you fragrance ad, I’ve already been seen on tv in the United States, and where the lion looks quite real, do not you think?

In addition, a few days ago I had the opportunity to test the perfume, give it a few turns and try it on different days (because sometimes when it gets hot there are perfumes that I can’t stand, but I adore on cold days), so I will tell you what thought me, although I know that it is difficult to do reviews of perfumes, because they are so personal.

When I told you about the perfume, commented about the makeup and hairstyle of Kirsten, all golden and seeking to become invisible, even in the eyes, subtly framed to highlight the look, but also to make it more languid (although the actress seems more sleepy than sexy). The collected hair I thought it was beautiful, helping to stylize the rounded face of the actress.

Olfactory pyramid of Mon Jasmin Noir

  • Notes: citrus, Lily of the Valley;
  • Heart notes: different types of jasmine;
  • Background notes: nougatine, cedar, musk, patchouli.

I don’t know about you, but to me cost me horrors imagine what will smell a perfume from its olfactive pyramid. In this case, my impression was more than one extra sweet and floral perfume in part by musk and the nougatin (which is a type of nougat, a French sweet similar to Spanish nougat).

My experience with Mon Jasmin Noir

So, I was surprised by the intense perceived wood in the final result, especially Mon Jasmin Noir is a more lightweight version of the existing Jasmin Noir. If this is a light perfume, I can’t imagine what the other.

For me, that long ago that I stopped using perfumes and that I’m not intense perfumes, at first glance it seemed a smell that is unusable, this kind of perfumes that surround us like a suffocating cloud. With more time and testing it on the wrists and neck, Let an elegant perfume, that it is not in the room once we went and it’s nice to smell on the skin.

But do not think that it is simply wrong, is that the perfume is intense, with a smell deep, Woody and not too sweet, not overly floral. It is not for nothing a spring, light and fresh smell, but a fragrance even with a masculine touch, elegant and luxurious, not at all the kind of perfume that I would wear with jeans.

The perfume comes in two sizes, a spray for bag bottle you see more above 75 ml and 25 ml. Accompany it a bath gel and one lotion for the body, for me a better option to get a slight trace of smell, without the intensity of this perfume.