Tested: Line of Hair Products Natura Man

In march of this year, Natura launched, within their line voted for the male audience, the Natura Man, 3 shampoos, 1 conditioner and 1 gel fixative to the hair. The brand sent the mentioned products to test the Channel’s Male and in this article we’ll talk about our impressions on two of them, but first of all learn about the products received:

Tested Line of Hair Products Natura Man

Natura Man Shampoo Reduce Oiliness

Controls oiliness from the first wash and it inhibits the excessive production of sebum from the scalp after the bath. Contains Complex Invigorating NH, combining Pro-Vitamin B5, extract of Moringa and Bio-amino acids, Quinoa is developed to strengthen hair fibre and restore hair in the male. This mixture of technological assets and natural form a protective film on the hair, preventing breakage and ensuring the feeling of wires nourished, hydrated, and well taken care of. Indicated for normal hair to oily. Daily use.

Suggested price:$15.00

Natura Man Shampoo 2 in 1

Provides the convenience of cleansing and moisturizing in a single product. The hair is soft to the touch and looks controlled. Also has the Complex, Invigorating, NH, bringing protection, avoiding the drop and ensuring the feeling of wires nourished, hydrated, and well taken care of. Indicated for normal hair to dry. Daily use.

Suggested price:$15.00

Natura Man Shampoo Anti-Dandruff

Its formulation smooth your clean the hair without drying out, moisturizing the scalp immediately. Also benefits from the qualities of the Complex, Invigorating, NH, previously quoted. For all hair types. Daily use

Suggested price:$15.00

Natura Man Conditioner

Ideal for short hair of man, because it has a texture that is innovative, more lightweight than other conditioners, it moisturizes without weighing. Contains Complex, Invigorating, NH and can be used with all types of hair. For best results, combine it with the shampoos of the line Natura Man.

Suggested price:$15.00

Natura Man Gel Fixative for hair

With up to 12 hours duration, the new Natura Gel Man Fastener to Hair gives extra hold strong and resistant to humidity, no effect, wet, and without the formulation of white flakes (false dandruff). The result is hair controlled with natural appearance. Suitable for all hair types.

Suggested price:$15.00


Tested products

I used it for a few weeks the Natura Man Shampoo 2-in-1 and the Natura Man Conditioner the results are as well satisfactory. When I do this type of test I usually switch between a few products we use regularly, usually in the same price range, to really feel the difference and the products of the Natura really left the hair with a healthy appearance promised. The conditioner works with a good increment, the same used in little amount, as I usually do normally and both have a masculine scent, but that does not become cloying after washing, quite to the contrary, the smell is mild and pleasant.By the suggested value of 15 reais, in comparison with competitors in the same price range and some even a bit more expensive, product is worth.

I don’t know if the other products have the same performance, but taking into consideration that the Complex Invigorating NH is present in all of them, I believe that the result tends to be similar.