Sorolla Collection, the New Perfume of Loewe Special Edition

Sorolla Collection, the New Perfume of Loewe Special Edition

I already said that I had the gift for my mother, the new perfume of Loewe Special Edition Sorolla collection. So I picked up the camera and for a few days I have been using it.

The first thing I have to say is that the packaging pointed me to one of the bottles that two years ago they took to commemorate the Expo Zaragoza, truth, drinking water. Same format and different content, with other accessory in the form of a bracelet. Is a string of the Spanish firm leather, very cool.


Among the notes that stand out, Lily a small air lilac water. Water for it (because there is an edit to the incredible smelling) has notes frescas-afrutadas, lemon, bergamot, passion and kumquat fruit.

In their heart notes, floral – spicy: Bourbon pepper, petals rose, water lily; and in the background notes, Woody: musk, cedar from the Atlas mountains of Morocco and sandalwood mysore India.

I believe that you among all the notes, the rose and the lily It is the most highlights.


Does not last all day, but yes half or nearly a day’s work, smelling so amazing. It is fresh, it seems very appropriate for the summer or this spring, go. It is the edition of 100 ml with spray, and I believe that it will last enough. Well, to her safe, and my more, because I’m only going to use it when you go home.

Its creator

The perfumer in charge of creating this fragrance is Olivier Cresp, a natural French in Cannes which is also author of fragrances by Dior, Kenzo, Nina Ricci, YSL, Diesel, Cacharel … says that his passion came with seven years, when he already knew that it was going to be perfumer. Perhaps that is the reason why everything is so carefully in its aromas. He says that the flower that likes most is Jasmine, and the smell that prefer, patchouli.


I like, I think it is a very light perfume, very bearable, almost of every day, but intense. Note that it is one fragrance with character, you could say. It is the second that I try Loewe after mad air, and I’ll stick with water, without hesitation.

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