See How to Use False Eyelashes Walkthrough

See How to Use False Eyelashes Walkthrough

With this retro wave, many trends are coming back with everything, such as the use of false eyelashes, so common in the years 70, which is a great option for those not blessed with lashes fed up, that can make a difference in a make.

Well, except, of course, exist for all tastes and styles, of various sizes and shapes that provide different levels of volume and stretching. However, those seeking a look more glamorous and fashion, should opt for fuller, who already looks for a more discreet, natural effect, should prefer the more spaced, with long, thin wires. But it doesn’t stop there … because there are already versions at Tufts, those who, glued, one by one, allow you to create the effect you want, great for those who want to, for example, just highlight the outer corner of the eyes. However … very quiet at this time, it is necessary to have good sense, the tip is to invest in models that respect the natural eyelashes format, i.e. with hair shorter on the inside corner and longer in the external.

Another hint that it may seem a small thing but it makes all the difference, is to choose lashes that are the exact width of the eyes, as if they’re minor or major, will seem too artificial. So if you don’t feel safe to apply the lashes in one piece, cut them in half and hold only half as long at the outer corner. Know that the way in which they are established can also make all the difference, they should be OK to root for different natural and the glue used has to be of excellent quality to dry quickly, don’t drain and hold.


  1. first of all, apply the lashes, before moving to shadow, because that way, if the glue drip, you do not need to remove all the make to correct the error. Measure the size of them in their eyes and cut off the excess.
    2. According to Whitehallmakeup, then, ping two drops of glue on the back of the hand and pass the base of false eyelashes on her, a tip is to hold them off with tweezers.
  2. You have to begin pasting up the Middle, then adjust the inside corner and, as a result, the external. Use the other end of the clamp or a fine brush to anchor artificial wires in. Keep an eye on the balls, which always need more glue, because they are more resistant to.
    4. Then make a dash to eyeliner or black pencil next to the root of the eyelashes to disguise the waste of glue, and then finish with two coats of mascara, which will make the look more dramatic, as well as helping to camouflage.

For those who don’t know, the false eyelashes when they are of good quality, can be reused several times, since they are always well cleaned and preserved. After that remove them by pulling them gently from the outer corner, soak in a shallow container with two phase makeup remover, preferably, until all the glue. Finally, remove completely the mask of the artificial, with the help of a cotton or flexible rod with makeup remover and rubbing gently. Ready, then let them dry and store them in the original box, in the same position.

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