Sales Failure of Jennifer Aniston Perfume

The American actress Jennifer Aniston It has not had luck with its perfume. Apparently not because it was a bad or good perfume, but that has apparently been for bad organization to promote the product.

Jennifer was very excited in the creation of the perfume since they allowed participation in the process.

At first the perfume was going to call “ Lolavie ”, but just before his promotion, Jennifer decided to rename it by your own “ Jennifer Aniston ”, and perhaps this puzzled people.

On the other hand the perfume is sold exclusively in department stores Harrods, where for example from Spain we could access it only via Internet, that Harrods sold for a few months by this means. But as the Harrods in his day did no promotion of perfume because people when I was interested in buying the perfume I wasn’t informed of where it was sold and potential buyers ended up losing interest in it.

Jennifer said:

“ Wanted this fragrance to be one collection of memories of personal odors. I grew up in California and clearly remember the smell of jasmine in the summer nights. I think that the smell of sea is one of the most uplifting and sensual life experiences & #8221;.

Aniston has not even been to personally promote the perfume discouraged by its poor sales.

It is not finally understood why no one wants to smell like Aniston.