Point – Rouge.De Offers Exclusive Tips on Perfume Buying

In Our Interview With The Online Beauty Store, You Will Learn How To Find The Right Scent

We got an interview with Mr. Beier-his trademark managing director of point-rouge.de-and exclusive tips on the perfume buying. Find out what you should consider if you want to give your perfume. Who is also interested in the latest bestsellers, is exactly right here. 

Let Me Guess: You Give This Year At Least A Perfume For Christmas?

You’re actually right. To give someone a perfume is for me something very personal and special. I deal with the person and invest a lot of time to find the right fragrance for the recipient. This signals how important this person is to me. 

Why Is Perfume So Gladly Given Away For Christmas?

On the one hand, a perfume is something that everyone is happy about. On the other hand, a noble perfume is a great gift, which usually does not break the financial framework-so to speak an “affordable luxury object”.

What Scent Suits Women?

I would say that to exotic women no better scent than “The One” by Dolce & Gabbana fits. For the thoroughly feminine woman, I would recommend “Flowerbomb” by Viktor & Rolf and for the natural type Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue” or “Virgin Island Water” by Creed.

Point-Rouge Promotes Exceptional Service And High Consultancy Competence. What Do You Advise Helpless Men On The Perfume Selection?

Our customers can always contact their Customer Service with their questions. One of the greatest strengths of our team is that it really takes time for each request and thus solves all our concerns to the full satisfaction of our customers.

And it’s even better: our customers can also ask their questions via the facebook-page of point-rouge. So you can be helped by our professional Facebook team as well as by other users-a multi-channel consultation.

If desperate men still need help with the selection of gifts, you can get valuable tips about our gifts. We explain to them that there are different types of women and also show you a selection of products, which simply fits every woman.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Perfumes Online?

As a customer you should always ensure that it is a serious side. Unfortunately, more and more fraudsters distribute counterfeit goods, which often can not be identified immediately. With these vendors, the temptation to start with low prices is of course great, but the disappointment afterwards is often even greater.Serious providers are the easiest to recognize by the RLO seal. A further possibility is to carry out searches on websites such as Trusted Shops, because here the onlineshops are evaluated by other users or buyers.

What Are The Bestsellers Of Your Range?

Yves Saint Laurent’s “Black Opium” is very well received by our female customers. Men are particularly enthusiastic about us for Davidoff “Cool Water”.

With These Fragrances, You Can Not Go Wrong?

This is relatively hard to say. The choice of perfume depends on both personality and mood. Fragrances develop differently on every skin-an oriental-woody fragrance, which is often very heavy and has an intense fragrance volume, can occasionally be worn by a dainty woman.

What Is Your Personal Favorite Perfume And Why?

I’ve been wearing Creed “Aventus” for years. This masculine and, above all, rarely worn fragrance has a very high recognition value. These qualities are very important to me when choosing my perfume, because I like special and unique fragrances.

What Is The Difference Between Cheap And High-Priced Perfume?

I think you can not judge a scent by its price. Even affordable perfumes are very fragrant. The only difference to expensive fragrances is simply that these are rarely worn by other people.

Keyword: Fake Perfume-How Do I Recognize A Real Product?

To be on the safe side, all customers should order or purchase from reputable dealers.

In The End, Do You Have An Anecdote From Your Long-Standing Experience In Perfumery For Us?

I have come to this profession as the child of the child. I had no idea of ​​perfume and cosmetics. After a short time, however, I had worked my way into the matter. Today, in cosmetics, I probably have better know-how than most women in the world. My friend and girlfriends, on the other hand, appreciate this very much, so I have been a favorite guest in every girls’ round-would have told me that someone three years ago!