Nails with POA Matte: Do It Yourself

Nails with POA Matte: Do It Yourself

Since the world realized the passion of women for glazes, of course, this market never stopped growing, emerging every day a different fashion, is a new color of nail polish or nail decorating trend. Are nails francesinhas, craqueladas, nails nails with glitter, nails for all tastes. But, thinking also those women who want to diversify your nails without leaving them very adorned, here we will show you a quick and easy way to decorate your nails with POA (small balls) frosted. It is worth noting that this technique is very versatile and can be made with several different colors of Nail Polish, and also has the option to be able to do this in all the nails or just an only child (in one). Are we going to learn?
To decorate your nails with the POA matte, you will need:

-A creamy glaze (can be the Black Lingerie Revlon, or Black Sepia Risqué; or any other to your liking);
-A matte glaze (coverage), the same chosen color to the base (can be Matte or Matte Coverage Risqué, Impala or the other to taste);
-A toothpick with the ponta grossa or brush dotting tool, in order to make the decoration;
-acetone to remove the excess.

For the base, first, remove excess cuticle with pliers or cuticle Remover cream and apply a base coat, then apply two layers of creamy enamel chosen for the decoration base and then wait the nails dry completely (more or less half an hour).

To complete the decoration of the nails with poá, deposit a small amount of glaze on a piece of paper or on hand to serve as a basis for decoration, then, with the help of a stick, take an amount of matte glaze and make random balls across the surface of the nails. However, be careful, do not force the pole in time to decorate your nails with POA for the glaze of low do not spoil or be marked. Then just clean the excesses and wait the nails dry completely, not forgetting, of course, that this technique does not allow for that extra layer brightness to give the final finish. For this season, the tip is to invest in brighter shades like blue, pink, yellow, Orange, purple, green or red, leaving your nails with our summer!

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