Nails Bitten, Remedies To Recover

Nails Bitten, Remedies To Recover

Biting nails, a mania that must be eliminated. Biting nails is a tic generally caused by nerves,anxiety or just the bad habit. 

This tic to eat the nails, causes many to take their fingers to themouth and biting their fingernails almost without realizing it. The worst, it affects our hands and our health directly. And the habit ofeating the nails, it damages not only aesthetic , but can also cause infections and affect teeth andgums.

Nail biting, it is difficult to remove because hobby requires a great force of will and self-control. Specialists nails  say the solution moreeffective comes from the field of psychology. However, today in demodaybelleza, we give you the best tips to not eat your nails, tricks to apply enamels that favor you for nail bites and of course the remedies to recover your nails bites.Let’s start!

Tips For Not Eating Your Nails

If you are a victim of nail bites but you have decided to end this bad habit and stop biting your nails, the first thing to do is to put into practice some  tactics and tricks that help you in your goal. It is important that you be consistentand do not give up on the first change, the following tips will help you never have morenail bites:

Always polish your nails bitten so that there are no edges that protrude and incite you to bite them.

Write down at what specific times of the day you bite your nails to act accordingly.

Chewing gum will be great. Even having an anti-stress ball in your hands will help keep you busy and avoid the urge to bite your nails.

Use sour flavors, these are specially designed for people who want to get rid of this habit.

Ask the people around you to tell you when you are biting your nails to stop.

Bite Nail Remedies

What to do to restore or recover nails bites? The first thing to consider is that the nail biting begin to grow so irregular and is somewhat unsightly.They are also generally born weak, fragile andbrittle, especially if we have had this bad habitfor a long time.

However, for bite nails to grow properly and look natural, it is important to start having asimple manicure at home that has the following steps:

Homemade Nail Biting Nails

#1 Do not Cut Cuticles|Nail Manicure Bites

The cuticles protect the nails from possible infections and, for this reason, should not be cut at any time. Generally, biting nails have acuticle that covers a large part of the surface of the nail.

So the first thing you will do is push them back helping you with an orange stick (or any accessory you have nearby), as you see in the image.

It may not be an easy task, so I advise you to apply a little bit of cuticle oil or a small amount of Vaseline so that pushing them is much easier.

#2 Limado|Nail Manicure Bites

With the help of a file of good quality , you need to iron all those spikes coming out of nail biting , as you see in the picture , and do not forget theedges irregular .

This step is key so that the nails  can grow with a natural shape. Do you know how to properly file your nails? With the help of the photo you will do better. Simply place the file on one end of the nail and slide it in a single direction.

#3 Strengthen | Nail Manicure Bites

Lastly, you have to apply a clear enamelhardener on the nails bitten. The hardener, you must apply it once a week, thus will make yournails bitten are not so weak and break easily against any touch or blow.

How To Moisturize Biting Nails

The hydration is essential and even more in thetreatment of nail biting. We recommend hydrates so you have the nutrients and vitaminsyou need to grow strong and healthy.

The vitamins that you must apply are the A and E, and you can get it through vegetable oils or beeswax. Apply several times a day and one of them before going to sleep so that its activeingredients penetrate well into bite nails andskin throughout the night.

Types Of Enamel That Most Favor Nail Bites

Surely, if you have brittle or  biting nails do notsee them favored with very strong or eye-catching color enamels. But if you want to start giving them a little color and improve their appearance, then bet on those  softer tones: clear, beige or nude roses.

How To Make Nail Bites Grow

One of the most effective ways  to grow your nails quickly is to nourish them with naturalproducts that are highly regenerating andmoisturizing.

We leave you the best home remedies:

#1 Olive Oil

It moisturizes and stimulates their growth, also avoiding the appearance of stretch marks in their structure. Dip the nails into a bowl with olive oil for about 10 minutes.

#2 Garlic

Accelerates nail growth and prevents bacteria from accumulating. Crush 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and apply the resulting paste on the nails for 10 minutes.

Do you want to know all the tricks to grow your nails? See our guide. Tips to grow your nails.

We hope you enjoyed the article on nail bitesand how to get them back. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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