Most Famous Green Perfumes and Their Success throughout History

Most Famous Green Perfumes and Their Success throughout History

Surely more than once you’ve heard of the so-called Green perfumes. When a perfume is called green we do not mean purely the colour, although most come in bottles with green tones, but we refer to the entire universe of smells and images that come to mind when we smell them.

Usually these perfumes tend to be fresh, juvenile and evoke the freshness Green gardens or the grass freshly cut with its aroma. Also evoke rebellion, optimism and dynamism, which explains why the time of wrath of the Green perfumes were just after major crises or revolutions, as the end of World War II or the French may of 68 times in which people needed a radical change, also when choosing their perfumes.

Let’s look at the the most famous Green perfumes and the reason for its success throughout history.

Balmain Vent Vert

Precursor green perfumes perfume. The launch of Vent Vert It took place in 1945, the same year that Pierre Balmain created the Balmain fashion house, coinciding with the end of World War II.

Currently initial aroma has been transformed into a touch more floral with notes of lily, rose and geranium although as main aroma still maintaining the essence of galbanum, which is that provided him with the original green touch.

Ma Griffe

In 1946 Ma Carven, a young lover green colors designer opted to create a perfume that evoked the colors in their designs. So she hired Jean Carles, one of the most prestigious Parisian perfumers at the time and created Ma Griffe aimed mostly at young people, in fact this perfume would be history by being the first perfume exclusively oriented to the public youth.

Among his notes are gardenia, Lily and oak Moss, a perfume of an almost aggressive freshness and intends to evoke the spring and the smell of the flowers to bloom.

Miss Dior

One emblematic Dior House perfumes. It was created in 1947 and , Christian Dior I wanted to reflect the uniqueness of her designs in a fragrance for a mature woman but she wanted to feel young that it was released the same day as the first parade of the French designer.

It has been one of the perfumes that time have survived intact in the market thanks to the combination of its notes of galbanum, patchouli and gardenia giving a touch cool but at the same time intense. Although recently has been transformed to the present by notes even more blond which resulted in Miss Dior Cherie.

Guy Laroche Fidji

Green galbanum notes wrapped in MOSS, wood and patchouli are the fresh and green touch to this fragrance that has been on the market since 1966.

Undoubtedly one of the most recognized green fragrances that tries to evoke paradise and the breeze from the islands of Fiji, vacation spot of Guy Laroche.

Chanel N ° 19

Could not miss the perfumes of Chanel. With this number 19, created in 1970 and was curiously the last perfume that Gabrielle Chanel chose in life, the French maison was looking for a perfume agile and young new generations.

Output green with notes of galbanum from Iran that they evolve a more floral hints may roses and irises from Florence and a light Woody final touch. A perfume that is ideal for the night by their strength and character.

Chanel Cristalle

Another Green perfume of Chanel par excellence is this Chanel Cristalle created in 1974 with notes of green basil, lemon, and Jasmine that merge with notes of wood and MOSS.

This perfume was reformulated in 1993 by famous perfumer Jacques Polgue, and with it green notes lost prominence in Exchange for more sweet as the tangerine and peach notes.

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