Mojave, California

Mojave, California

Mojave (California, USA) — detailed description, location, reviews, photos and videos.

The Mojave Desert is considered a symbol of the US South. It is sometimes called the “Sugar of the New World”. Cowboys once roamed here, shooting at each other and looking for gold. As a result, Las Vegas was built nearby. See anycountyprivateschools for Arizona state information and business schools.

The desert covers three states and part of Mexico, where it joins the Sonoran Desert. Here is the hellishly hot ” Valley of Death “. And the writer Stephen King put a hole in time over the Mojave, where the characters of his story “The Langoliers” landed.

How to get there

The closest city to Mojave that receives flights from Russia is Los Angeles. Only Aeroflot airliners fly directly. It is easier to get to Mojave from Las Vegas, where you can fly from the same Los Angeles in an hour.

Flora and fauna

Enjoying the flora of the Mojave is difficult because it is not for everybody. There are tree-like yucca, creosote bush and numerous types of cacti. In addition to perennials, annual species and ephemeroids are waiting in the Mojave. These are the seeds that come alive after the rain. True, not for long. But thanks to them, the desert is transformed literally overnight, covered with colored spots and bright orange patterns.

The fauna of the Mojave, like the vegetation, has adapted well to the harsh conditions. Birds, various insects, as well as snakes and lizards live here. Some species of mammals are mainly nocturnal – they wait out the heat of the day in underground burrows and come to the surface only at night, when the temperature drops sharply. In the desert, you can meet koits, iguanas, turtles, hares, goats, puma, tarantulas, scorpions, foxes and other animals.

Mojave cities

There are amazing deserted cities in the desert – they are called ghosts. Once upon a time, life was in full swing here, but then the settlements were empty due to the fact that new highways began to be built around them. In fact, local authorities forgot about these cities.

One of the largest such settlements is called Kaliko – its inhabitants worked in silver mines. There is also the abandoned Kelso train depot.

Well, the largest and not at all abandoned cities of the Mojave are Las Vegas and Palmeydl. There are several smaller towns, but they do not pull on a big attraction.

3 things to do in Mojave:

  1. See the thermometer – it is the highest in the world, it reaches 40 meters. The thermometer is located off I-15 in the Baker area of ​​California.
  2. Go into a telephone booth – it was installed in the desert in the 60s of the last century. This is perhaps the most secluded telephone booth in the world. It is separated from the nearest highway by 24 kilometers. Fans of the booth know the phone number and deliberately call in the hope that someone will answer. Or they themselves go to Mojave, waiting for a call.
  3. Hear the sands sing – the Mojave has the humming dunes of Kelso. When shedding, the sands emit a loud low sound that lasts 15 minutes. This rumble inspired fear in the inhabitants of the desert and became the source of legends.

Attractions and attractions in Mojave

Some of the most interesting sights of the desert that will surprise every tourist.

Mojave, California