Makeup Tips: Interview With PamelaJuicy!

What are the secrets of the girls who approach the world of You Tube to share their passion for makeup? Let’s find out this interview with the likeable and talented Pamela!
For some ‘time in this part of the web it is flooded with girls who decide to share with others what they know about the world of fashion and makeup, follow by as many girls who are always looking for new secrets to make the more and more pleasant to the eye makeup. for this reason we at stuff Women have decided to interview for you one YouTuber widely followed and appreciated: Pamela!
Pamela, when you decided to share your passion for makeup with the other girls on You Tube?

I started to follow as all the channels of American girls and then later Clio.

After the opening of the Clio many have followed in his footsteps channel, I had fun in your free time to play their make up for passion, so one day I decided to undertake this adventure too!

  • There was someone who pushed you to this choice,or it was your idea?

Yes, my mother and my boyfriend. I was they who encourage me in undertaking this adventure.

I really had no way assessed the idea of ​​shooting a video, I had fun just to play makeup that I liked and at most I shot a few pictures!

  • Do you think the role of a YouTuber is crucial for girls who follow you?They simply take as an example for the makeup or as a true reference point?

I believe we Youtubers we have a big responsibility in the sense that our videos are very followed by girls from 13/15 years and we know very well that that age is a ‘particular age.

For this it is not at all agree on the video with the theme nutrition, diet etc.

Are matters that must be taken with pliers!

Also flaunt too giving the impression that life is all pink and flowers, that Youtubers have branded all do not agree! I identify with the mind of a twelve year old girl who maybe can not afford those things as may feel (perhaps because as a child I have always been accustomed to not being able to get what I wanted), this is not to say that is banned or that you have to feel guilty because there are those who can not afford it but sometimes maybe it just takes a bit ‘of humility!

  • What was the most beautiful experience you have done through the success of your video? And what is the ugliest?

There are more than one, the first was the experience with Ecstasy perfume with which I could participate in Formia collaborating with Mua Pupa Milano Giorgio Forgani, the second was the collaboration with the newspaper Grazia at an event held at the Fashion Outlet of Molfetta and then of course not under the aspect “work” also have met special people like Cindy and other YouTubers. As for those nasty Well for now fortunately no! See more makeup removing tips.

  • There are downsides to get involved in the web, or all in all there are only pro?

Yes there are many negative aspects, having been on the web you are exposed to any kind of is constructive criticism (which I appreciate) that this just for the sake of offending I do not agree at all.

There have also been cases of stalking at some Youtubers, is known for exposure to the web is dangerous now I do not want to scare anyone you just have to be very careful!

The pros of course there are, Youtube gives you the opportunity to let you know, it is an excellent means of communication and a’good case! Council to all the girls who have an idea or a passion to win the shyness and to open up a channel, Youtube can be a good way to break through and why not to earn something!

  • Become a well-known person has affected your personal life?

No way are always the usual suburban hahaha joke girl so has influenced only from the aspect of the organization of the commitments as shoot video really takes away a lot of time, but I do it with pleasure because I love what I do!

Now some little question on the makeup …

  • What is for you the most important product for a perfect makeup?

The foundation, you have to have a good basis for the makeup that we will achieve can make the most of. It ‘very bad to see such a beautiful smokey eyes on a base made ​​poorly or not done at all!

  • What is, however, the product that you just use to give that “extra touch”?

Mascara, in my opinion is the product which most women can not do without.

He opens his eyes and immediately gives a rested! Yes without a doubt the mascara!

  • Such as cosmetic uses for a daily makeup?

Concealer, foundation, blush, mascara and nude lipstick! Few eh?

  • You quit never completely cleansed?

No! A mascara veil never fails!

  • Followers knows that you have a passion for the correction, what is your favorite concealer and why?

There are not yet managed to find a concealer that satisfies me 360 ​​degrees (yes they are insatiable ahahaha) there is always a small defect that is excellent coverage but goes into the folds, or covers but does not last long.

For the moment I am fine with a mix of concealers, the Kryolan palette and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.

Thanks for your time in answering this interview. We at Women Stuff to wish you good luck for your career and for what you will.