Madagascar – Kingdom of the Lemurs

Madagascar – Kingdom of the Lemurs

Animals that are unique to the island are found in abundance. The ring-tailed lemur is probably the most famous, but there are many more. A dramatic nature changing from tropical rainforest in the mountains to dry plains in the south. Add to that fantastic small islands along the coasts and you have a good combination of adventure and relaxing days on the beach. Madagascar – better in reality than the animated film! See it first and then go here. Short for MDG by abbreviationfinder, Madagascar is a country located in eastern Africa.

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Madagascar – 22 days

Day 1 Departure

Early departure from Sweden. You land in Madagascar during the evening local time. You will be met by our English-speaking representative for transport to your hotel.

Hotel: Le Pavillon de l’Emyrne, Antananarivo

Day 2, 3 Antananarivo – Andasibe

After breakfast you travel east by car with your guide. Andasibe is located on the mountain slopes on the island’s rainy eastern side. The area you travel through has high humidity and offers views of primarily rainforest and small lakes. In Andasibe you explore the Vakona Forest Reserve together with your guide. Vakona is located in the province of Toamasina (930-1040 m above sea level) and is one of Madagascar’s main nature reserves for finding the “Indrin” the largest species of Lemur. After dark, you have the opportunity for shorter walks in the Vakona Reserve to look for nocturnal lemurs and other light-shy animals. You also have the chance to visit Mantadia National Park where you will find no less than 11 endemic Lemur species, the world’s smallest chameleon and the colorful Mantella frog to name a few.

Hotel: Vakona Forest Lodge

Day 4: Andasibe – Antananarivo – Antsirabe

After breakfast you return to Antananarivo to continue your journey to Antsirabe. Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo, also called Tana, is beautifully situated on a number of low hills which dominate the plains around. The journey takes you further into a beautiful and constantly changing landscape with the high plateau’s pleated mountains, where rice plantations stand out in countless shades of green. You travel at a leisurely pace and stop along the way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Once in Antsirabe, there is the chance to take a ride with a “pousse-pousse”, the local variant of hand-drawn rickshaw

Hotel: La Rose des Vents

Day 5: Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana

Today you visit Ambositra where you will find Madagascar’s foremost craftsmen and artists. Ambositra is also called the “city of roses” and is a very beautiful and exciting place. After lunch you continue your journey towards Ranomafana.

Hotel: Setam Lodge

Day 6: Ranomafana

Together with a guide you explore Ranomafana National Park. The national park covers an area of ​​41,000 hectares of rainforest, rivers, waterfalls and has a rich wildlife. The hiking trails are good and with a little luck you may encounter “Guldhalvmakin” a species that was first discovered in 1987.

Hotel: Setam Lodge

Day 7, 8: Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Isalo

After breakfast you continue your journey towards Isalo. You pass the high plateau Horombe and travel through a different landscape lined with palm trees and rock formations created by millennia of eroding sea waves. In Ambalovao you get the chance to see artisanal production of Madagascar’s traditional art paper. Your journey continues south towards Isalo which is known for its canyon landscapes with its strange rocks and rock formations. Here you will find Sifakor warming up in the morning sun, Brun Maki and Ringsvanslemur. Isalo National Park is located between 500 and 1,200 m above sea level. and covers an area of ​​80,000 hectares. The park offers a variety of shorter and longer hiking trails and you visit places such as. The “waterfalls of the rivers” and the cemeteries of the Bara tribe. Here you also have the chance to see e.g. Madagascar Parrots, flowering aloe species and a variety of beautiful butterflies and orchids. Inlaid between the sandstone massifs is a natural small pool with crystal clear water that invites to a dip.

Hotel: Le Relais de la Reine

Day 9, 10: Ranohira – Tuléar – Ifaty

Today you continue north towards the small village of Ifaty where you stay two nights on your own at one of the beautiful beaches. During the journey you pass Antandroy tombs with their traditional decorations. After a break in the sleepy coastal town of Tuléar with its seashell market, you continue to little Ifaty on the coast and your hotel. We recommend a visit to the “Foret de les Bao-Babs” to see the strange Monkey Bread Trees. There are seven species of Bao-Babs in the world, six of which are found only in Madagascar.

Hotel: Hotel Paradisier, Ifaty

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Day 11 Ifaty – Tuléar – Antananarivo

After breakfast transfer to the airport for flight back to Antananarivo. On arrival you will be met for a transfer to your hotel.

Hotel: Le Pavillon de l’Emyrne, Antananarivo

Day 12 Amber Mountain National Park

After breakfast flight to Diego for further travel to Amber Mountain National Park known for its unique flora and fine hiking trails. The mountainous park is located on a volcanic massif and rises from dry savannah to tropical rainforest at an altitude of 1,500 meters. Amber Mountain National Park has many waterfalls and supplies most of northern Madagascar with water. The park is sacred land for the indigenous people and for many a place to communicate with their ancestors. Together with a guide, you explore the park.

Hotel: Nature Lodge

Day 13, 14 Diego – Ankarana National Park

You continue to eastern Ankarana is known for its “tsingys” pointed forests of limestone. Here you will also find the highest concentration of primates in all of Madagascar. Ankarana also has an extensive system of underground rivers that are home to crocodiles. To really get beyond the highways, you live in comfortable tents and explore Ankarana with your guide for two days.

Hotel: Tent Camp

Day 15: Ankarana – Antananarivo

Fly back to Antananarivo. On arrival you will be met for a transfer to your hotel.

Hotel: Le Pavillon de l’Emyrne, Antananarivo

Day 16 Antananarivo – Sainte Marie

After breakfast transfer back to the airport for flight to the small island of Isle Sainte Marie off the east coast of Madagascar. On arrival you will be met for a transfer to your hotel.

Hotel: Princess Bora Lodge

Day 17 – 20 Sainte Marie

The days are free to enjoy the white beaches and to explore the exciting little island. Isle Saint Marie is 55 km long and on average only 3 km wide. The Indian Ocean that surrounds the Isle Sainte Marie shows a fantastic marine diversity for those who want to snorkel or dive. Together with a guide or on your own you have the opportunity to explore the island. Here you will find small villages where life goes its own way, mangrove swamps, rainforests, spice plantations and a rich history that tells about pirates and ancient kings.

Hotel: Princess Bora Lodge

Day 21 Sainte Marie – Antananarivo / return trip

In the afternoon transfer to the airport for return to Antananarivo and check-in for flights back to Sweden.

Day 22 Homecoming

You land again in Sweden in the afternoon.

Madagascar - Kingdom of the Lemurs