Luxtural: New Celebrity Cosmetics – Rain Drops …

Nature meets luxury:Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie are fans of the new Luxtural cosmetics brand. The products are made of pure Pacific rainwater.

The rainwater, which we often see here, is sometimes not of particularly pure quality.Sauer is the rain but now no longer, but also nothing that could be imagined on his skin.

The researchers of Luxtural see this however differently, but have decided for a good reason for the particularly pure Pacific rainwater.They want to create cosmetics products with the highest possible degree of natural ingredients – and water is pure nature according to theMakeupExplorer.


The minerals that are contained in the Pacific Rainwater dissolve easily and can penetrate the skin better than it could do tougher mineral water.The formulas of the products are light, free of parabenes and toxins and leave a silky feeling on the skin.

In addition to the natural ingredients, they rely on state-of-the-art technology and a hippy image and marketing – Luxtural is on its way to becoming the new trend brand.


At the moment there are three Luxtural products on the US market:Silk Premonition – Moisturizing Cream with Anti-Aging Complex, Sophisticated Veil – Anti-Aging Serum for the Face, and Mystique Fountain – a refreshing facial cream.

The products cost between approximately 55 and 132 euros and are unfortunately only available through the US American brand of the brand.We are eager to see when the natural cosmetics will be available.