Learn How to Get Your Perfume in a Vaporizer Bag

You raise your hand who can buy your favourite fragrance in a jar without spray, Please. Of course, almost no one. And it is that without spray vials are scarce and are in danger of extinction. At least in conventional perfumery.

Becomes more and more difficult to carry a sachet bag with your fragrance unless you can afford a bag Limited Edition or perfume/extract. That is small, as opposed to its price. What can you do?.

I know that many of you will a sachet vacuum and try to fill it to your eau de toilette spray. That is a sin!. You’re wasting your bottle in an incredible way.
The fragrances are liquid but extremely volatile and fragile. When apretais the spray to try to put some of it in the vapo’s bag, you a huge amount wings to heaven. And certainly that of economic is not your CK, DKNY, Rochas, or whatever.

In addition, the small amount that has managed to enter the steamer bag already entered in contact with air and will vary: it will not be the same. How do this?. No you can. It is so frustrating. Only you can fill these sachets directly pouring the liquid with a mini-embudo.