Jessica Stam, Chameleonic Gateways

Jessica Stam It has become one of the great fashion tops in record time. Feline look, or rather leonil face, is one of the most beautiful models and also the most quoted thanks to campaigns as of Dior, Bulgari and Dolce & Gabbana.

Born in April 1986 in Canada, with almost 23 years old is already among the best paid in the catwalk, being one of the visible heads of the new batch of supermodels for years along with models from the likes of Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova, Gemma Ward or Coco Rocha, among others.

Vocation dentist, he was raised on a farm with his six brothers (image above), where he spent almost all of his childhood. Arrival to the world of fashion, was curious, she was discovered in a coffee shop by Michele Miller, Director of the Agency of IMG in Canada, when he was only 15 years old.

The beauty of Jessica Stam, and above all that fragile face both was beginning to show on the catwalks drew the attention of the agent who got invite to a cafe to Jessica to convince it of its possibilities in the world of fashion.

He accepted the offer with the permission of their parents, who always supported her at all times, with the condition that continue with their studies at distance.

While working model, the works were punctual and minor practically regionally. Their situation did not satisfy Jessica, so deny it, then fashion was not one of his big passions.

A year later he decided to try his luck in the contest L.A. Model Look. All possible showcase to make the leap into the world of fashion that Jessica knew how to take advantage of, because it was the winner of the contest. It was 2002, and Jessica was just 16 years old. The career of our protagonist would begin to make a 180 ° turn and moved to New York.

At the end of 2002 already see it paraded in the New York Fashion Week, but for designers of second rank, such as Michelle Janks, Morgan and Richard Tyler.

Even if for someone he did not pass unnoticed was to Marc Jacobs, that already wanted to have for their upcoming parades of 2003. It was without doubt his first jump at the high level and thereafter large fashion doors begin to open. Such was the admiration of Marc Jacobs by Jessica Stam that most would end up designing a bag with your name, & #8220;The Marc Jacobs Stam“ that would end up making it all a “ bag & #8221 it;.

Else that Jessica wasn’t desaperciba upon his arrival in New York was Steven Meisel. The man who can decide the fate of a model with just one click. Steven was captivated Jessica and his photogenic, becoming one of his muses. Proof of this are the two cover of Vogue Italy Steven was with Jessica in September and November 2003 and they were key to its international take-off.

In 2004, it makes the leap to Paris and Milan. Would see it paraded for Miu Miu, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Hermes among others. Even we would make their first steps in the leading of the celluloid, in this case in a short stranger called Agent Orange.

But it would be in 2005 when starts the boom Jessica Stam. Its number of fashion shows begins to rise significantly and now exceed 60 per season. It was the model of the moment, and advertising campaigns begin to rain it everywhere.

In 2006 becomes image of H & M, Eau de Rochas, Giorgio Armani and Anna Sui perfume in 2006, starring in this promotional spot for more than 4 minutes long.

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2007 wouldn’t do more than confirm his great moment on the catwalks, becoming one of the best paid, opening and closing parades as of Valentino or John Galliano in Paris. In addition becomes angel’s Victoria ’ s Secrets and increases its roster of advertising campaigns with Christian Dior, Bulgari, Lanvin, Cavalli, DKNY, Loewe and Miss Sixty among others. Of record.

Many people claimed that so successful could pass bill, but nothing further from the truth. While 2008 was a year with less burden regarding works of bridges, nor it falls short touching 40 shows per season and starring in countless covers, confirming it as one of the great current topmodels. Yes would diminish what his number of advertising campaigns, just staying with the perfume Onde of Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

By the way, spectacular new look in the campaign of Armani, leaving revealed that it is one of the models most transformational Today, something which in my opinion has earned him to stay during these years at the top.

2009 was all a mystery, he did not know if Jessica Stam you could endure this pace and its descent in campaigns happen invoice in its number of parades, but doubts have been dissolved quickly, the Canadian is back with more force than ever before, parading on the main runway just a few weeks ago. In addition returns to be image of Bulgari and also it will be this year’s white and Gap. Fortunately it seems that we will have Jessica for a while.

View the video at the original site.

View the video at the original site.

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