Jasminora, the New Aqua Allegoria Guerlain Come on the Scene

Jasminora, the New Aqua Allegoria Guerlain Come on the Scene

Since 1999, Guerlain launches each spring two new Aqua Allegoria, eaux fresh toilet comprising a collection in itself of six fragrances. This month of may has come on the scene Jasminora, the new Aqua Allegoría.

I don’t know which is going to replace on this podium of summer fragrances of Guerlain. Or maybe that any this year because, like that in 2010, have only launched a, when traditionally they have released two. I hate the crisis that we are going!

Whatever it is, one of the most anticipated summer news It is already here. Jasminora is a tribute to the jasmine, one of the most used and appreciated in perfumery flowers. Jasminora is Jasmine of Calabria but it’s a fresh, green and floral fragrance.

White flowers are very mellow and may reload, surprises in a summer novelty olfactory notes. Its creator, Thierry Wasser, has worked to provide a more air and light, fresh Jasmine. For you to have all the data, you write the olfactory pyramid of Jasminora:

  • Notes: bergamot, galbanum and cyclamen.
  • Heart notes: jasmine, freesia and muguet.
  • Base notes: amber and musk notes.

As you’re seeing, several white flowers form Jasminora corsage. Galbanum and bergamot at the exit you will be green freshness that we like smell when it gets hot. The the musk and amber notes they will bring the touch of warmth and mystery to the eau de toilette. I can’t wait to check it out myself.

I imagine that it will have a special success in France by Thrush, a white flower very appreciated by the French. It is the flower that is given away on May 1 and in addition the mother’s day is the last Sunday of may instead of the first as in Spain. A round gift.

The bottle does not vary (a spray of ml 125. which costs 70 euros), and I see the advertising image either: is the same as the Flora Nymphéa. It is surprising and shocking that they used the same advertising in Guerlain.

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