James Ashley Teaches 3 Hairstyles with Alexandre De Paris

James Ashley Teaches 3 Hairstyles with Alexandre De Paris

Helloooo amoores! How about we start the week with some tips on hairstyles coming straight from the catwalks.The French brand Alexandre de Paris, which is known worldwide for its luxury hair accessories opened a space in trendy Marcos Proença Lounge and enjoying the novelty the hairstylist James Aprígio teaches three amazinghairstyles.

James Ashley Teaches 3 Hairstyles with Alexandre De Paris 1

Tiago’s countertop with over 40 brand name parts, among them the desired camellias (hits of the French label).Tiaras, buckles, Barrettes, combs are also part of the countertop, besides the pinces, the must-have of the brand that have smooth versions and also the pocked by Swarovski crystals in various colours.

And taking advantage of the launch, the hairstylist James Aprígio, teaches three hairstyles that have been featured in recent shows and will be in the next few seasons trends according to Medicinelearners. They are: Low Ponytail, Colorful, Fresh Diadèmes Hairstyle.

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Low Ponytail
Seen on the catwalks of the last parade of Chanel, the ponytail down and put aside promises to be a tendency for the summer. Practical and easy to do are great choices for both long hair as short.
The tip of James Daniel is doing it with the natural hair without drying and without babyliss.” The first step is to do a letter, which can be either in the Middle as on the side. Then, use a cream powder at the root of the hair to give a touch of texture and support, not to be so stuck on his head. To finish and look not to be so basic, apply an elastic with hair charms collectibles of Alexandre de Paris – latest release and hit the mark. We can use up to two or three, depending on the desired result. Give an up in hair!”

Colorful Hairstyle
A way to update the hair from day to day is applying small colorful hair accessories, as seen on the catwalks of the Fendi fashion show. The brand has invested in maria-pigtails and resulted in a super cool and with a footprint more fun.
” To copy the trend, my tip is to divide the hair with a streak, pulling various sections back, curl up in order to give a soft volume and then apply colored mini pinces Alexandre de Paris. The result is fresh and fun-great option to update a look more serious.”

James Ashley Teaches 3 Hairstyles with Alexandre De Paris 3

Fresh Diadèmes
For women who love the loose hairs and prefer to put only one accessory that change the whole hair, the suggestion is join the beauty presented at the last parade of Mary Katrantzou. ” As our model has super curly hair, we only work with tiaras, without Division. You can play with more parts to the front of the hair or placed on the back. We can also do a cowlick and apply the tiara and then carefully go shaping the hair, resulting in another aesthetic, more fresh and unpretentious. The Grand Finale was given by the mix of tiaras Alexandre de Paris, pocked by pearls, giving a sophisticated air to the look.
James still tell us the bet of the summer: ”What will rock next season is the natural texture of the hair, curly, flat, he is armed, the important thing is not to use hair dryer, curling iron or straightener. The important thing is to abuse the accessories for the finishing touch.”.

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