Isabeli Fontana, Mothers Also Succeed on The Catwalks

After passing by the new faces, as Lily Donaldson, or by the more consecrated as Helena Christensen, today is to return to the wonderful world of the Brazilian models.

The Brazilians are all a clan within the catwalks (although not all get along each other) that they began their invasion back in late 90s. Our protagonist today, Isabeli Fontana, It is one of the strongest representatives of that landing.

To be more exact full name is Isabeli Bergossi Fontana, and is a descendant of Italians as their surnames. He was born in a town in the South of Brazil in 1983, is I’m 26 years old and already has an impressive resume.

But let’s look back. Our protagonist with only 12 years already had very clear that he wanted to be a model and emulate the great tops that ruled by then, so did you know her mother entered her in one of the local model agencies.

One year later Isabeli Fontana, 13 years old he took part in a contest Elite Model Look Brazil. As you know the faithful of this section this contest was a real springboard for many current models.

Although Isabeli Fontana failed to win the competition, (came in third), yes that earned recognition and publicity that earned him that agency Mega Models put your eyes on it.

It would be a first year in Brazil posing for catalogs and various publications, such as the magazine for teens Caprice, another young Brazilian tops trampoline and where our protagonist would be home during two occasions in 1997.

In 1998 came the great opportunity, work in Milan and certainly not wasted the opportunity. It would be a few months working and perfecting his style on the runways, until in February 1999 it would debut when he was 16 years old. Would for designers of the likes of Armani, Givenchy, Ralph Lauren and Versace among others.

But its real success took place a few months later. Curves of our beautiful protagonist did not pass desaparcibidas for those in charge of Victoria’s Secret and bet by Isabeli Fontana to participate in its catalog of lingerie.

The controversy arose due to the commitment I had Victoria’s Secret do not work with models under age 21, within limits which I think is both absurd. The fact is that that commitment was jumped the Bullfighter and this affair earned Isabeli to be known even more.

And no doubt that knew how to take advantage of that situation, since from this moment begin to grab covers as of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire in the Brazilian version, all of them during the year 2000. That same year he would know the Brazilian model Álvaro Jacomossi, that would be married until 2004, and that would be father of her first child and we’ll tell you then.

Go slowly gaining more prominence on the catwalks, averaging age following an average constant of more than 30 parades per season during the 2001, also during 2002, the year in which would be pregnant with their first child, which was born at the beginning of 2003.

Is clear that Isabeli is that they dislike losing time and two months after giving birth, it would return again to the catwalks more forcefully than ever, with more than 60 parades at the end of the 2003, figure that would repeat during the 2004, 2005 and 2006, becoming one of the best paid models on the international scene.

Obviously the advertising campaigns were also a reef for Isabeli, given its great photogenic and its excellent result in front of the cameras. Apart from being image of Victoria’s Secret for several years and becoming one of the already famous angels, also have seen it as the image of Hermes, fragrance Crystal Noir by Versace and as the image of Balenciaga, all of this during the 2004.

Also during 2005, year in which was to marry the actor Henri Castelli, starred in more advertising campaigns, as of Viktor & Rolf and the fragrance Revlon flair You can see below.

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But it is clear that marriage is not the Fort of Isabeli Fontana. Despite having a second son in 2006, again to divorce for the second time in 2007. Perhaps by this second divorce, or by the birth of his second son, the rate of Isabeli Fontana on the catwalks has begun to decline slightly compared to the previous years, but still in all the major fashion shows.

That Yes, what has been growing has been the number of advertising campaigns. To give a few examples, have their work for H & M, of which is the image of its line of lingerie, image also of white w/v 2009, image of Missoni w/v 2009 and also highlight their participation in the 2009 Pirelli Calendar (already took part in the 2003 and 2005 calendars).

And also hogging covers that will be home for Vogue USA the month of may, photographed by Steven Meisel.

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