Irina Lazareanu, The Successor of Kate Moss?

Irina Lazareanu, The Successor of Kate Moss?

Irina Lazareanu breaks the mold of the typical model reaching the top after thousands of castings, make catalogs without importance, nor even adapts to the already topical that sell us many agencies of… “a Scout discovered it when I was shopping”.

The history of Irina Lazareanu, as it could not be otherwise, it is completely different and bizarre. Even though for some it may be a plugged-in’s Kate Moss, the truth is that not all the plugged can be expected to become one of the muses of Karl Lagerfeld.

What is clear is that Irina does not pass despercibida, love it or hate it. Their rowdy appearance, indolent for many is fresh within gateways running, while for others an extravaganza, vulgar face, which does not give the size. Personally, Irina has an aura that makes it unique and necessary in the world of fashion.

Irina Lazareanu, It is of Romanian origin while it has the Canadian nationality. Born in 1982, at the age of 5 he emigrated with his parents to Canada, specifically to Montreal. There run most of her childhood, a childhood devoted largely to one of his passions: the ballet.

Your perseverance and work those years were worth it to obtain a scholarship in 1995 to further his studies of dance in the Royal Academy of Arts London, but everything was cut short when an accident broke knee.

Few weeks before his accident, by 1997, a celebration of the underground scene, had known a kid seeming as Irina, she confesses her much to it. Yes, that guy like many will be thinking is Pete Doherty, then it began to take its first steps with the Group The Libertines.

During that time Irina worked in a bookstore by the day, in a bar at night and occasionally as a singer in a local Orchestra. Also during those years he was defining his style, as a good lover of 1960s, Warhol style and Kubrick films, the aesthetics of Irina was drifting towards an androgynous look that subsequently cautivaría the big fashion.

That taste for underground style, and fashion in general, were the major factors that drove Irina in 1999 to join the Canadian Agency of models Giovanni, hoping to be able to get extra money and pay the rent of your apartment in London.

But early just left you work, and I can’t tread the runway until 2003, although with designers of the second row and in a timely manner. During that time even had time to go on tour with the Group of his friend Pete Doherty, even write a song with a friend of Pete, one such Kate Moss, who was instrumental in the arrival of Irina in the catwalks.

Thick as thieves, both did so much so that in 2005, Kate Moss was proposed by Vogue France as any editor during the month of December, and therefore responsible for choosing the editorial. Kate had it clear and her friend Irina chose to star in this editorial, who by the way, at the time was dating Canadian film director François Rotger.

From that time it began its take-off. It became internationally known and began to turn into one of the listed models. A month later his editorial in the French version of Vogue, would appear on the cover of the Vogue Italy photographed by Steven Meisel.

Although to be honest, the only one who had already counted with Irina before its boom was Karl Lagerfeld with who work for some high fashion Couture the previous year, thanks to the mediation of Kate Moss. Karl was captivated with Irina.

2006 would be without doubt the year of Irina Lazareanu with nearly 150 shows throughout the year. Obviously do the list of designers would immortalize us, but as you can on that list we can get to all the great, with the exception of Valentino (never paraded for him).

Also in 2006 would be image of Balenciaga, Pucci and Hugo Boss, Gap, While in 2007 would be image collection Chanel Paris-Monte Carlo, of Just Cavalli and Topshop, being chosen again by Kate Moss to promote her clothing line. Curiously at that time confirmed that Pete Doherty and Irina are couple, we know as it will be sitting this Kate.

Their level of work on the runway begins to wane just a year later, following the trend of the new faces and its ephemeral passage by the catwalks. Like a balloon that has begun to deflate Irina it passed over 150 shows in 2006 to 35 parades per season in 2007 and just 10 in the 2008.

When we all think that Irina retired from the runways, at least thus confirmed him in the parade of Sonia Rikyel in October 2008, it seems that it is back and already we have seen recently in the parade of Christian Dior Haute Couture. Will also be picture of Tiffany & Co for this 2009.

Even so, some people think that take Irina sooner definitely abandon the catwalk to devote himself to his other passion, music. In fact, in December 2007 released an album of duets with Sean Lennon, son of John Lennon, which was also leaving. As anecdotal data, the presentation of the album took place at a parade of the pre collection of Chanel, with Karl Lagerfeld as master of ceremonies, and where by the photo, it seems that Karl is going to start singing from one moment to another.

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