How Have We Changed! (Read The Song and The Covers of Crystal Renn)

How Have We Changed! (Read The Song and The Covers of Crystal Renn)

So read the song, a group that was never my favorite to tell the truth, but he said really is like a House. How change will in life! And if someone makes you change both or more than life, is a team of fashion. The canvas is the same, the box entirely. And such so that artwork can pass to be a comic of bad taste and worse stroke.

I like the cover of Vogue Beauty with Crystal Renn, I like your colors, look of “I know something you don’t know”, your hair, your port, its not know what. But when the context changes, the canvas is transformed and not always for the better. Be a good fashion team a? bad portrait? Then certainly yes. And now that magazines cut costs, budgets, pick up and leave professionals, pick up scholarship and remove experts…

Never it goes without saying that a good professional does a good job. Thus it occurs with the cover of Vogue Japan, signed by Giampaolo Sgura and the impossible Anna dello Russo. But until the great professionals, as Crystal Renn and my admired Ellen Von Unwerth, they are wrong in this case with this cover of Tush summer, or at least one that believes. It frightens me and Crystal does not appear or the same woman, for worse.

What is a stylist? a makeup artist? a fotogrado? And an art director who choose them all? To sample a button.

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