Haines Borough, Alaska

Haines Borough, Alaska

Haines Borough is located in the southeast corner of Alaska, surrounded to the east by the Lynn Canal and to the south by the Chilkat Inlet. The borough covers an area of 3,939 square miles and includes hundreds of islands and waterways. The landscape is dominated by mountains, glaciers, lakes, fjords, and forests. The highest point in Haines Borough is Mount Ripinsky at 6,800 feet. It is part of the Coast Mountains range that stretches along much of Southeast Alaska’s coastline. Haines Borough has a temperate marine climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. Summers are generally cool with temperatures rarely exceeding 70°F while winters are cold with temperatures dropping as low as -20°F. Precipitation in Haines Borough varies from year to year but generally averages around 40 inches per year. Snowfall can vary significantly from season to season and can be quite heavy in some years. Much of Haines Borough consists of undeveloped land with most people living in small communities along its coasts or rivers. There are several parks and wildlife refuges within its borders that provide habitat for a variety of wildlife including bears, wolves, moose, eagles and whales. Many recreational activities such as fishing, hunting and camping can be enjoyed throughout Haines Borough’s diverse landscapes making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Haines Borough, Alaska

Country seat and other main cities of Haines Borough, Alaska

Haines Borough is served by one county seat, the City of Haines. This small city is located on the Chilkat Inlet and serves as the borough’s main administrative center. The downtown area includes a variety of shops, restaurants and businesses while the harbor offers access to recreational activities such as fishing, whale watching and kayaking. According to COUNTRYAAH.COM, other cities in Haines Borough include Klukwan, Skagway, Hoonah, Angoon and Gustavus. Klukwan is a traditional Tlingit village located on the banks of Chilkat River with a population of around 200 people. Skagway is a popular tourist destination located near the border with British Columbia that offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, rafting and kayaking. Hoonah is an Iñupiat village on Chichagof Island known for its whale watching opportunities and access to nearby Glacier Bay National Park. Angoon is an isolated community located on Admiralty Island that has been inhabited by Tlingit people for centuries. Gustavus is another small town located near Glacier Bay National Park where visitors can enjoy wildlife viewing opportunities as well as recreational activities such as camping and fishing.

History of Haines Borough, Alaska

Haines Borough is located in the northern corner of Southeast Alaska and stretches from the Chilkat River to the Lynn Canal. The area was first inhabited by the Chilkat Tlingit people who have been living in the area for thousands of years. In 1794, Russian explorer Alexander Baranov established Fort St. Dionysius, a trading post that would later become the modern-day town of Haines. During this time, trading posts were established throughout Southeast Alaska and Haines was no exception.

In 1879, a gold rush brought many settlers to Haines and it quickly became an important port for trade and travel between Alaska and British Columbia. The town was officially incorporated as a borough in 1902, becoming one of the first municipalities in Alaska to be organized under state law. As more settlers began to move into the area, Haines developed into a bustling community with businesses such as hotels, saloons, restaurants, stores, and churches that served both locals and visitors alike.

At its peak during World War II, Haines boasted two military bases – Fort William Henry Seward and Chilkoot Barracks – which provided jobs for many residents of the borough. After WWII ended however, these military bases were decommissioned leaving Haines without much economic activity. This led to a period of decline before tourism began to pick up in the 1970s with people coming from all over Alaska and beyond to experience what Haines had to offer such as its unique wildlife viewing opportunities at nearby Glacier Bay National Park or its rich cultural heritage found among its local Tlingit population.

Economy of Haines Borough, Alaska

Haines Borough, Alaska is a small but vibrant community located in the northern corner of Southeast Alaska. Despite its small size, the borough offers a diverse and robust economy that is driven by both traditional industries such as fishing and logging as well as newer industries such as tourism, retail, and construction.

Fishing has been an important part of life in Haines since its earliest days and continues to be an important economic activity today. The Chilkat River is home to some of the best salmon fishing in the world and provides jobs for many local residents. Logging has also been an important industry for Haines since the early 1900s when timber was harvested for use in construction projects throughout Alaska.

In recent years, tourism has become increasingly important to the economy of Haines Borough. With its close proximity to Glacier Bay National Park and other popular attractions such as Mendenhall Glacier, Chilkoot Lake State Recreation Area, and Fort William Henry Seward State Historic Site, more tourists are coming to experience all that Haines has to offer. This influx of visitors has led to an increase in jobs in the hospitality sector as well as retail stores catering to tourists’ needs.

Construction is another major industry in Haines Borough with many new homes being built each year due to increased demand from locals and newcomers alike. In addition, there are several businesses located within the borough providing a variety of services including health care providers, financial institutions, restaurants and bars, art galleries, museums, transportation services, and more. All these industries combine to create a strong economy that provides jobs for local residents while also allowing visitors from all over Alaska and beyond experience all that Haines Borough has to offer.