Flora Nymphea, The New Aqua Allegoria 2010 Guerlain Smells like Honey

Flora Nymphea, The New Aqua Allegoria 2010 Guerlain Smells like Honey

The novelty in the fresh waters of Guerlain collection is about to leave: Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphea. I don’t know if it is by the global crisis, but this summer is only released a novelty when traditionally since the creation of the range have been two.

To compensate, Guerlain sends us to a fairy tale nymph as Ambassador. An image refined, feminine, delightfully wrapped in fancy gold and pink. The fragrances are to leave the imagination and advertising video of Flora Nymphéa is fantastic: you moved.

Flora Nymphéa is a floral fragrance with two ingredients that define it: the orange blossom and honey. Original minimum: flower and the final product more elaborate by nature. Is the bee the nymph of the story?.

Changes in presentation of the bottle

Protest!. I don’t know why has given them by changing the packaging of Aqua Allegoria. The linear in the perfumeries shelving has already begun to change the wonderful display boxes printed with images of flowers, fresh herbs and fruits on white background. Now the container comes on white background with the imperial bee and aoradas lyrics. Very nice and elegant but a pity that remove part of the personality to Aqua Allegoria.

There were two presentations: 125 ml and 75 ml. generous amounts in the mythical round bottle that evokes the L ’ Eau Impériale with gold stopper and bee. Already last year, references of 75 ml. were scarce and two updates to the summer 2009 launched only in big size. It will also be the new.

I’ve smelled Flora Nymphéa

I have had the luck of having tried the fragrance and is of the curious much evolving: will have that wait a while to decide If you like or not.

The exit Note Orange Blossom flowers is very fresh and vitalizing. A penetrating freshness that feeds and which is much appreciated in the summer with the thermometer at the top. But & #8230;

A few minutes after the honeymoon, the note of heart or background Flora Nymphéa, it becomes very present giving it a warmth that has nothing to do with the output. The experience was rare for me since I love notes fresh but not both sweet and honey.

Perfume sellers have everything a sales challenge with this new eau de toilette is the client who will like that appreciates note sweet and Caramelized honey. How you convince it that this fresh output is not?. It is an art.

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