Fight against Acne (II): Face Cleaning

We have already seen above that a poor diet, even though it is not causing direct, if it negatively affects the frequency and severity of acne. But not only caring for the power we will get reduce acne. A good cleaning of our face is also essential.

When wash you your face be careful, don’t be very energetic since you can stimulate the skin for the creation of more fat. I recommend the use of a soapless cleanser as Cleanance of Avène ideal for skin with excess fat. The boys must shave less often as possible and use a shaving foam that contains a antiseptic, I recommend the dermoespuma razor ISDIN Medicis.

Can also opt to perform a facial cleanse more in depth, with milk, tonic y Exfoliating and then applying steam with hot water shower. We will be able to open the pores and with your fingers, carefully expel some impurities. We must apply immediately after a bactericide containing benzoyl peroxide. Facial cleaning I recommend that it be performed by a specialist, since we will run the risk of emperorar acne if we do it correctly.