[Fashion Week]Beauties that Are Works of Art! #Day3

[Fashion Week]Beauties that Are Works of Art! #Day3

The third day of the São Paulo Fashion Week was a crazy-like many other journalists, too. Altogether nine fashion shows have integrated the line-up. Imagine the rush of who’s at the Biennale? Models coming out of a backstage straight to another, with little time to disassemble the beauty of previous and next.

The flow of information happens in an almost insane level, so we always search share what most marked the last day we had some amazing beauties that you can start playing already, but now is the time to admire the work of beauty artists that surpass every season to form the visual of the shows. Yes, the make and hair are key to finish the story the designer wants to count in the presentation. Some brands opt for minimalism, but a little exaggeration is very welcome to bring that glamour to the catwalk of fashion that everyone always wonder. And yesterday was like that! A day filled with beautiful compositions and references, which worth mentioning here.

The Japonisme Of Lenny

The collection was inspired by ancient Japanese culture and the expert Silvio Giorgio this theme to bring something Dove that was original. And he did it! The outlined with graphic design was modern and created an unexpected effect on the look. For hair, a Coke made with braids, where tips simulated the traditional sticks used by the NIP.

Golden Goddesses Of Samuel Cirnansck

Celso Kamura signed the make of the parade, which had as reference the image of the bronze statues, women of attitude. In this makeup gold was the watchword. Products of the same color were used, but in different textures: eyes with creamy Golden shadow, which stretched up to the temples to join to blush, which was actually a shimmering gloss. Around the face, Brown came at strategic points to give depth: pencil on line d ´ water, contour correction of the face and lips. Even the eyebrows light golden glitter Pat received to cast off.

The hairs have also been well worked out. With head formed by golden flowers developed for each model, Sexy Hair team worked on top of wires with texture and volume. We saw models with wavy wires, other had to counteract frizz and some were trapped hair. There was no pattern of hair, but there was uniformity. We love!

Time Travel To La Garçonne

Alexandre Herchcovitch at SPFW back, but assuming the new label, making noise. Celso Kamura also coordinated the beauty of this parade, where the intention was to propose a trip back in time, but without leaving Ragtime. The beauty artist told how he composed each visual: “we work with references of various periods, but the intention is that people realize the amount of each to view the complete look on the catwalk. Mix the technique with the technology of new products to give that look retro, but with a current“touch. Called our attention to mouth orange (lipstick Obi Orange) and right curly, like the ‘ 70.

“A Little Mermaid, A Little Hippie, Triya

Max Weber is on the list of the most daring beauty artists of the country. He always proposes some exaggeration or novelty and everyone always looks forward to the next creation. For the parade of trademark beach wear, he glimpsed a shining woman, sunburnt. The outline of the temples designed the belissimamente face, not to mention the mixture of three Golden shades in the eyes and bronze lipstick on my lips.

The hair is also a chapter in this parade. The braids are back too hard this season and arrive in compositions that focus on attitude. We can say that the boxing braids have already conquered the fashionistas, so it is impossible not to enjoy the hair of this parade. The great master touch in this hairstyle was the way the wires were twisted in a manner that deconstructed and were firm and structured with the use of a copper wire, which also served to cast off the braids. Wonderful!

It’s nice when the catwalk productions also come out of the ordinary, right?

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