Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe, located on the northern shore of Lake Victoria, provides an alternative to Kampala as a starting or ending point for travel in Uganda. Founded in 1894 as a strategic point for the development of the lands of Uganda, the city eventually turned into the unofficial capital of the country. In the past, the city served as a gathering place for the chiefs of Buganda, the administrative center of the British colony and the seat of the provisional government of Uganda. Now it is a prestigious suburb where local top management and government officials prefer to settle. There are many old colonial parks, lakes, the air is clean, and the streets are calm and safe.

How to get to Entebbe

According to wholevehicles, Entebbe International Airport receives flights from Dubai, Nairobi, Cairo, Addis Ababa and Johannesburg. British Airways and KLM fly here.


It is convenient to move around the city by taxi (matatu) or regular taxi (which will cost a little more). Locals and budget travelers enjoy boda bodas – motorbike rides as passengers.

The road from Entebbe to the national parks and attractions of Uganda lies through Kampala. Minibuses leave for Kampala every half an hour, the journey will take approximately forty to fifty minutes.

Cuisine and restaurants in Entebbe

In the Entebbe market, you can buy banana palm trunks, each of which contains clusters of hundreds of fruits. The most popular local alcoholic drinks also continue the banana theme with banana beer and banana gin.

The average Ugandan eats three kilograms of fried, baked and stewed bananas a day.

Despite the fact that the proximity to Lake Victoria makes it possible to include fresh freshwater fish on the menu, fish dishes are practically not represented in the local cuisine. They say this is due to the religious prohibitions of the Ugandan tribes. Culinary extreme is represented by fried locusts and termites.

There are many places in the city with European and American cuisine familiar to tourists. And Ugandan coffee is considered one of the best in the world.

Entertainment and attractions Entebbe

Lake Victoria is the main attraction of Entebbe – the largest in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake in the world. Its area is 69 thousand square meters. kilometers. The lake is home to an amazing fish – tilapia, which bears its offspring in its mouth, and no less exotic fish – protopter, which can breathe air. The lake is a favorite vacation spot for citizens and tourists. You can sunbathe on the beautiful beaches, take a walk on the lake, go fishing, visit the chimpanzee reserve on the island of Ngamba.

On the shore is the fishing village of Casegna, famous for its market, where you can buy souvenirs and real works of art created by local craftsmen.

The wildlife education center (also known as the zoo) is located near the city pier. In addition to crocodiles, monkeys and antelopes, the zoo is home to the endangered African rhinoceros.

Botanical Garden

The National Botanical Garden, founded in 1898, is located on the northern side of the lake, almost on the equator itself. The garden with an area of ​​more than forty hectares is divided into several thematic zones, where you can see unique representatives of the flora of Uganda, exotic flowers and medicinal plants. Rare birds such as the palm vulture and the gray parrot live here.

A cinematic classic, the famous film “Tarzan” with Johnny Weissmuller was also filmed in the Uganda Botanical Garden.

Entebbe, Uganda