Countries Emerging We Also Sell Their Models: Models BRIC

While the United States and Europe are struggling to emerge from the crisis, a so-called Group of four countries emerging, It has begun to have a strong impact on the world economy, through the important trade with developed countries. But from them not only import clothing, consumables, or decorative objects: on the runway every time more and more models of these are BRIC countries, do you want to know them?


A wonderful country, with enormous potential and wealth, the green lung of the Earth and future host of the Olympic Games, heads the ranking of exporting countries of beauties on the runways: the most famous, certainly is Giselle Bundchen, but there are many more: Rachel Zimmerman, Alessandra Ambrósio, Isabeli Fontana… If you want to know something more of the Brazilian models, I recommend the documentary To Brazilian Fairytale, explaining in detail the boom of the Brazilian models.


With Natalia Vodianova at the head, is the models with more ‘perfect’ physiognomy for our Western tastes: white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair… maybe that go unnoticed so, us sound so similar among themselves, not attract us attention. In our gateway Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week We have many of these Russian models about to take off; extremely similar among themselves, looking boyish and very shy, they still do not convince us too.


The lesser-known models, but without a doubt, the most exotic beauty. With a black color ebony black hair, highlights the model from Bangalore Lakshmi Menon, a usual parades of Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Miyake and editorials in such prestigious journals as Vogue o Dazed and Confused. Sociology student, asserts in all interviews that grants a greater presence of women of other races on the catwalks. The eternal problem of the ethnic quota, problem that is manifested above all in the front pages of Western magazines, occupied mostly by Caucasian features models.


The first world economy could not be outdone in this ranking of beauties, Liu Wen being the best known of them all, the first Asian model paraded for Victoria Secret. But like all Russians, their faces are forgotten thanks to those Oriental features that they seem so distant and so equal each other.

Many models, many different beauties together, and all wonderful. As the French say: Vive le diference!

In Jezebel Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau, another girl model with 10 years free!
Trendencias Anais Mali, the black power models