Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County is located in the northwest corner of Arkansas, bordered by Washington County to the north, Madison County to the east, Carroll County to the south, and Oklahoma to the west. The county covers an area of 1,051 square miles and is home to an estimated population of over 250,000 residents.

The geography of Benton County is diverse and varied. Much of it is rolling hills and valleys with many creeks and streams running through it. The main rivers in the county are the White River which runs along its eastern border and Beaver Lake which forms its western border with Oklahoma. There are also several smaller lakes throughout Benton County such as Lake Atalanta and Lake Sequoyah which are popular for fishing and boating.

The terrain in Benton County is mostly forested with a mix of deciduous trees such as oaks, hickories, maples, ashes, elms, sycamores as well as evergreens such as pines and cedars. There are also many open fields used for farming throughout the county.

The climate in Benton County is generally mild year-round with warm summers and cool winters. The average annual temperature ranges from a low of 46 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) in January to a high of 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) in July. Rainfall averages around 48 inches per year while snowfall averages around 12 inches per year.

Overall, Benton County has a diverse geography that includes rolling hills, valleys, rivers, lakes and forests that all contribute to making it a unique place to live or visit.

Benton County, Arkansas

Country Seat and Other Main Cities of Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County, Arkansas is home to a number of cities, towns and unincorporated communities. The county seat is the city of Bentonville, which is located in the center of the county. Bentonville is the largest city in Benton County with a population of over 50,000 people and is home to many major businesses including Walmart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt Transport Services.

According to, the other main cities in Benton County are Rogers (population 68,000), Siloam Springs (population 17,000) and Springdale (population 80,000). Each one has its own unique character and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Rogers is known for its vibrant downtown area filled with restaurants, shops and entertainment venues as well as being home to the Daisy Airgun Museum which features an extensive collection of airguns from around the world. Siloam Springs offers visitors a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing on Sager Creek or hiking at Lake Leatherwood Park. Springdale boasts an array of cultural attractions including an art museum and a historic train depot that houses multiple galleries and shops.

In addition to these larger cities there are also several smaller towns located throughout Benton County such as Pea Ridge (population 4,100), Decatur (population 2,400) and Gravette (population 2,500). These smaller towns offer visitors a chance to experience rural life in Arkansas while still having access to amenities such as grocery stores and restaurants.

Overall Benton County offers visitors a great mix of attractions from large cities with plenty of things to do down to small rural towns that offer peace and quiet away from it all.

History of Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County, Arkansas has a long and interesting history that dates back to its founding in 1836. The county was named after Thomas Hart Benton, a Missouri senator who strongly supported the expansion of the United States into the West. Benton County was originally part of Washington and Carroll counties before it became its own county in 1836.

In the early years of Benton County’s existence, much of its economy was based on agriculture with cotton and corn being the two most important crops grown in the area. Following the Civil War, many freed slaves moved to Benton County and became sharecroppers or tenant farmers, helping to further develop the county’s agricultural economy.

The early 20th century saw an influx of new economic activity in Benton County as many new businesses were established in cities such as Rogers and Springdale. This included industries such as furniture production, brick making and food processing. In 1950, Walmart opened its first store in Rogers which marked a turning point for Benton County’s economy as it shifted from being primarily agricultural to more retail focused with Walmart becoming one of largest employers in the county.

Today Benton County remains an important part of northwest Arkansas’ economy with major employers such as Walmart, JB Hunt Transport Services and Tyson Foods all located here. The area also continues to attract visitors with attractions such as Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located in nearby Bentonville which draws thousands each year from around the world.

Economy of Benton County, Arkansas

Benton County, Arkansas has a diversified and growing economy that is largely driven by the retail, healthcare, and transportation sectors. The county is home to Walmart, the world’s largest retailer which employs approximately 10,000 people in Benton County alone. JB Hunt Transport Services is also located here and employs over 2,000 people in the county while Tyson Foods employs over 1,500 people in its two plants located here.

The area’s economy also benefits from tourism as visitors come to experience attractions such as Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located in nearby Bentonville. Additionally, many other businesses have chosen to locate here due to its favorable business climate and access to major highways such as I-49 and US Route 71.

In terms of healthcare, Mercy Hospital Northwest Arkansas is located in Rogers and provides medical care to patients throughout the region. The hospital specializes in cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and women’s health among other services. Additionally, there are several smaller medical clinics located throughout the county that provide primary care services for local residents.

Overall Benton County has a strong economy that continues to grow thanks to its diverse mix of industries including retail, transportation, healthcare and tourism. The area’s favorable business climate has helped attract new companies which has led to job growth throughout the county while providing residents with access to good paying jobs and quality healthcare services.