Beauty Special 10 + Requests: Julia Jane

Almost exactly a year ago, julia jane jane wayne enriches our small, fine universe with its clever articles about sustainability and shakes on a regular basis on our habits: with little warning fingers, but at the same time without condemning – and that’s why we love them. Since half a year’s also a little bit slow down on sunday: to reflect, to stop and to see a. Julia, you little magic mouse, what would we do without you here, hmm?

Less is more is their personal happiness formula, exactly the cosmos extends by its beauty. Indispensable helpers? Coconut oil, it is! And next to it? Drink lots of water, listen to yourself and of course put on natural cosmetics. Merci, you heart. And right, emma watson has already as good as promised.

1 what beauty tip has been your grandma gave you with?

Drink, drink, drink, get out in the fresh air and only nature pure on the skin can be. The latter thinks certified organic products and natural cosmetics. My grandma has worked long before the organic boom in the health food store and recognized that much helps us not necessarily much. At that time meant natural cosmetics never penetrating and oily creams as well as face smelling of old pines, water in the bathroom are to have. That now belongs to the happiness of the past.

2 do you have a morning beauty routine? If yes: what is the?

In bed: especially on the weekend i press the snooze button like several times then totally rested in the day to start.

In the bathroom: olziehen and then teeth brushing with coconut oil and use dental floss. Refresh the face with cold water.

I cream up only in the evening my face with coconut oil, to have morning baby-soft skin that is not greasy. So the makeup is better.

In the kitchen: before breakfast time eat a banana, while watching news and tea for the day put on a big pot.

3 of the hair tie to the tweezers: your 3 unbeatable everyday helpers:

I swear on hair bands without metal, e.g. Invisibobble argan oil for hair inika eyebrow pencil with integrated pencil sharpener

  1. what beauty ritual is regularly refreshed from the manicure to the eyelash extensions:?

My finger nails are really important to me. I’m lucky and very robust nails, which have also a nice form. I care it with coconut oil, polishing them once a week, and twice a month i use nail hardener of p2, which is really unbeatable and just as well as expensive alternatives. Also, i love nail polish, preferably black or grey.

5 what you swear?

On coconut oil. Recognises that it is not the best product within the meaning of the co footprint, but for this i have more than halved the number of other beauty products. Coconut oil has so many great properties and antibacterial effect particularly she gave me a short application time gives a very soft facial skin. Most, i like the oil of kapuluan. For each product sold, a coconut palm on the philippien is planted sustainable support to the farmer on the ground, which is to recover from the devastation of typhoon haiyan,.

6 so i would best day/often look – this is exactly why:

Short break in the beautiful city of warsaw last summer. This weekend was one of the most beautiful in this year and this photo will forever remember. Rested, kissed by the sun, worry-free, with good weather and tasty food just two days the head turn off.

7 pimples, dry places and co: your little beauty problems – and what helps friends mind?

Best with coconut oil, fresh air and the camomile steam bath help.

8 in the blink of an eye: which hairstyle is your love – and how can you do it?

I’m there more practical and there are only two hairstyles which i always wear: open hair or braid.

9 why we should rely more on natural cosmetics. And: there are also downsides?

Natural cosmetics is unfortunately not a trademarked term, so you should enjoy this term always with caution and make sure seal. Overall, everything is closer to nature, the best for our bodies is of course. You should watch because of possibly occurring allergies that can cause natural cosmetics. Never distribute a new cream all over your face, but always once test in a small place. Even if i use now mainly coconut oil, i can highly recommend the products of pure skin food. Meanwhile the design has changed slightly, i have still some remnants of the older models.

10 creams and nastiest beautiful and well: that you take care in addition to beauty products:

On enough sleep. Less than 9 hours of sleep, i notice the next day immediately on my facial skin. I find that the skin is always a very good indication how one actually watching. Lack of water is reflected here very quickly. My tip is also to never touch with unwashed fingers in the face. My skin is absolute exclusion zone for my hands when i get out of the house, this one saves a lot of blemishes.

11 your most expensive product in the cabinet?

That should be my perfume by stella mccartney.

12 how can get you your face after a long through night again?

So much drink as it is and also on the day after a steam bath with chamomile tea treat the skin. Get out in the fresh air and sun.

13 subject “anti aging”: you lean forward? If yes: how?

Go as little sun, uv filter in the makeup and never without protection in the sun. However, i like it to look slightly browned and help after the winter months like with some self-tanning me. I’ve tried them all, but you are the best of eco sonya with distance. Also, i don’t smoke, drink little alcohol and feed me very healthy. As a hot tip i can also recommend the face yoga by elina, i will try it definitely myself.

14 facial muffle or pingelchen? – if the latter: how and what to make up off you you?

With ph neutral soap and water-resistant makeup with coconut oil.

Who should answer this questionnaire next?

Emma watson.

Thank you, you heart. And clearly, we write of course emma.