Beauty Forget About Anti Aging Creams, Botox & Co: We Do Face Yoga

Beauty Forget About Anti Aging Creams, Botox & Co: We Do Face Yoga

Now again very confidently in the bottom drawer of your cosmetics chest Pack friends of beauty that can deal with the face lift and talks about niptuck you. We dedicate ourselves to the Ohhhhhm! Very true to the motto “breath in, breath out” we go to us and the good alternatives to costly slug slime, dermabrasion and frightening spraying a look at us: face yoga, it is!

At the crazy Americans are already high in the rate the fitness exercises that are practiced by means of the facial muscles, and should be the best medicine against anger fold, ruffling forehead and even bags. Really true! We get some myths here however not hoodwinked, but have ventured the self-test. And exactly why is only geyotoxt with me. I’ve so been latest Yoga for the face with a supposed effect such as Botox. Now you ask yourself safely: “what can this Yotox at all and what it is exactly good?” Ready? 

Let me explain you so: Kami, every Sunday at point 8:00 we’re standing on the mat for the weekly run, finally a well-formed astral body requires a lot – and: If the Bikini season is approaching, it may be a bit more training. I got it. Exactly why most of us register around maximum panic and still quite motivated also around February/March at various fitness classes and studios, to go the winter inertia on the collar. You know that maybe. But why end the training actually starting from the neck? Think of the force of gravity. Finally we PI times thumb 34 facial muscles – alone to laughter move we want to 17 of it – and for a firm Chin, a wrinkle-free forehead, a beautiful rosy complexion and a watchful view each muscle group be retard regularly and be trained. And at all good for a bit facial acrobatics of not only of facial expressions, to activate also nerves, impacting positively on our well-being and even our immune system by the way.

At the Yotox, all face exercises are combinations of the basics of Yoga and acupressure techniques. And although Yoga soft sounds, the facial workout is far from easy, it is sports. Similar to sit-ups, Burpees or squats the muscles are trained here, and stimulates the blood and lymph vessels, which will increase the transport of oxygen and facilitates the Elimination of toxins. For the tender muscles in our visage face yoga as a 50-minute Crossfit workout for the Knackpo are 5 minutes.

I’m so fire and flame, try this trend and just want to know: disappears my anger fold, which has provided me with Instagram – you know the attitude, if you check out his feed? A round face Yotox to tighten the skin, the eyes, lips and nose and strengthen the muscles of the forehead. Headaches, even forgiven himself, because all tension in the face. And also it loosens the muscles, which in turn affects the concentration and the happy life with the face of gymnastics at the same time.

Now goes to the nitty-gritty: how face Yoga works!

The best part of this auto tune is Yes, that one’s by about all can make out, in the subway, when a foryou with your best friend, for lunch in a favorite Super food store and where is otherwise so driving around. It costs us only 5 minutes of the day – one not longer by eh’s. From experience, I would say that we should start as quickly as possible. It comes also to muscle building and this needs we know already the one or two hour. Is finally also not so, that we run a day before the Bikini season around the block and already the Allerwerteste is a plumper peaches.

Ranjana Khan, I found after a long research, various tutorials and stiffened eyebrows, trained their Gesichtsmuckis for 20 years with the face of Yoga and looks at the age of 57 just crisp and fabulously out, you’ll find not?

A small introduction of team there in the video, she chats about itself and shows you the basic exercises ever.

I’ve prepared three exercises for you that I would like to practice in the next few months. So at least the specifications. A before photo is already taken: so let’s see, what has the beauty trend on the box, non? I can tell you but even advance one: If you suffer from headaches, should you with train be sure.

Kissing Goodby the flaccid neck and double chin:

One stretches the neck, slowly tilts the head backward, tips the lips and shoot a Schmatzer towards heaven. Then relax. The exercise is performed slowly about 10 to 20 times and with tense neck muscles.

Deep blinks and tongue play for a shine look

So that it tightens the entire Gesichtsmuckis probably. It rolls off the tongue up and pushes them through the pursed lips, the eyes are meanwhile deep closed and reopened. Here too, the muscles must be hooked. Deep eye blow, the eyes are beautiful moisturized.


Our forehead is busy the whole day long and needs a little break. Simply spread the fingers of both hands in the middle of the forehead, place and move with gentle pressure towards the outside. This pain can be alleviated, everything is under the skin is loosened and horizontal and vertical Fältlein smoothly ironed.


If one has made all the exercises right fucking with you not yourself, otherwise you can get the required equal savings – is looking more alert after a 5-minute workout, the eyes, the skin feels good circulation through and stimulating the circulation, just like after an 8 km run. I personally would suggest, rather during the days or even in the morning to practice Yotox, because it’s a good wakeup call for people in the morning not used in the course. Faces cut ole! I curl me anyway, now laughing at the thought to confuse his opponent with strange facial features along with a few other curious among you, am in the car and on the way to work.

NA, fixed? Then makes this with me before after test.

Namaste & enjoy your workout.


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