Beauty DIY Your Winter Care Upgrade Do It Yourself

Darn it and stitched, who would have thought that woman Holle is suddenly yet their job? After the cuddly and rather mild weeks, we all hoped a little bit, we have to unpack now but still all winter equipment. Make the clothes I’m not worried there, already the one or the other pairs of warm socks can be found at the whole winter sales. I’m there more winter care, the stuff, one in the morning and in the evening lubricates itself on the face, after brushing your teeth just before you leave the House.

Did you know that the day care serves mainly as protection against Sun, wind and weather? You protects the top layer of skin at frosty temperatures and dry air. And exactly why it would now also not bad at all, if you now still very carefully reconsider the routine in terms of beauty and may even adjusts to keep this radiant glow even in winter there, where it belongs.

By the way: What you’d think exactly at this ominous glow is a beautifully moisturized skin. It is maintained and plump, she can better reflect the light, dry places seem dull and matt.

Now, what to do? Some would probably browse the next more care for their own skin matching cosmetics department store after a, then give up because the offer is simply too large – or the opposite: man finds absolutely nothing because there’s always something. I but would advise just following you:

Get a pure oil and pimping for your most favorite and best face cream on. Easier and better isn’t. Because this face elixir strongly resembles the natural skin oils and provides the ideal base to penetrate into the top layers of the skin, moisture can donate and strengthen the skin. It has already in the bathroom cabinet are his favorite, which has painstakingly picked out of hundreds nastiest, tested over weeks, and found to be excellent, why be so the trouble to buy something new. In addition to drive with the liquid gold always correctly because it is suitable both for oily, dry and sensitive skin.

Oils moisturize and lead to the skin also valuable nutrients. They are even absolute all-rounder and secret weapons and can be used not only for a full upgrade of the day care, in principle they can used but for total body care.

Like the upgrade works now with the liquid gold, you ask? In principle, it is quite simple. First you need to know what oil you would like to add its day care. There are dry oils which are fully drunk from the skin and not dry oils which leave a slight film – but here you must really not worry, for each skin there’s the appropriate oil.

Here again a couple of ideas:

Sensitive skin is easily stressed and reacts quickly to temperature differences or even new products. You maintain this squeamish skin with following estimate.

Jojoba oil evening primrose almond oil

Oils include jackpot for dry skin:

Argan oil hagebutte oil olive oil

I know who must endure oily and blemished skin, is more careful with this kind of protection, but even in the art of ayurveda is fought fire with fire. So no panic on the titanic, it will find you the right oil for themselves, is everything in butter, because even then pimples can heal faster. You can mix this nourishing gold without any problems in your care.

Argan oil ha butter oil (rosehip oil) jojoba oil riizinusol grape seed oil

I’m a blob by the way care in the palm of the hand and mix a drop of argan oil from kahina giving beauty in the day care. Here you must experiment around a bit, how much the skin needs. At night, even pure rosehip oil from merme depends.

So: your favorite cream just adds a small boost to and perfectly wonderful protective winter care is even created.

Extra tip: you can upgrade this winter of course with masks, shampoos and body lotions.