Tresor Celebrates 20 Years

Early years congratulations to Lancome for those 75 years of work. Today he has done with one of its iconic perfumes, Tresor, a round figure, has been 20 years in the market.

Experts say in packaging, the bottle of perfume still avant-garde, polyhedral, very easy to identify and almost reminiscent of mysticism.

Is available in several versions, from Eau de toilette, passing by a Eau de parfum, In addition to a shower gel and a body Moisturiser. I would love to try these last two products, a classic and always recognizable scent.

You know who is the image of Lancome for this anniversary, Penelope Cruz.

For this anniversary, the firm has launched the House through the window and has created a Limited Edition totally exclusive. A packaging inspiradno at the entrance of the Lovre, as if it were a diamond black, and with the stopper ring mode with 20 Swarovski crystals.

I forgot a detail, they have only made 20 units This exclusive perfume, normal if we consider the price, 2,200 euros. In Spain only sold in El Corte Inglés Castellana, although I do not know how many units exclusively you have the Spanish market.

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