Elizabeth Arden Celebrates 100 Years with a Limited Edition of The Perfume Red Door

A few months ago Laura made us a summary of the history of Elizabeth Arden, so your brand celebrates 100 years Since the opening of the first Red Door lounge in New York, which created the association between Red Gate, the beauty and glamour.

To celebrate this anniversary, Elizabeth Arden has updated the container of one of their most famous fragrances Red Door. This perfume, originally released in 1989, is very floral and sweet, with notes of lily of the Valley, Freesia and wild violets, notes from the heart of red roses, flower of Moroccan Orange, jasmine and ylang. Background notes, those remaining finally are MOSS oak, sandalwood and honey.

For a time limited the new package will come in the special commemorative box you see to the left in the picture (right is the usual container). Also filmed a new advertising campaign, that is almost a declaration of intent of the brand: she a shy and simple woman is transformed into a woman all glamour and safety by the mere fact of crossing Red Gate.

In addition to our congratulations on the 100th anniversary, I applaud the new packaging design. The former (above) was too simple and there was nothing in it that should set it in our memory, while the new stresses in an elegant way the perfume name and its meaning for Elizabeth Arden.

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