Baby Tous, an Eau De Cologne Not So Baby. My Test

Three years ago the company Tous launched his Eau de Cologne for babies Baby Tous. The most famous Spanish bear went on to have the same way innocent and rounded in a vial with nightcap as the plug. But it is not so baby as expected.

Good looking thumbnail containing the display box with rattle used it more mothers and women in general that perfumes for children. It has a scent that breaks with the traditional extra-fresca colony with which we all think when we talk about colonies for babies.

What you smell

Remember Nenuco, nor to Legrain Petit Cheri (how I like this!), nor to anything remember the famous S3 for the whole family. Although their pale green wants to keep it Unisex, It has that hint of female that has captivated to one major public.

The olfactory notes of bergamot, Mandarin and neroli, with aromas of fruits and flowers make it a fresh and light fragrance, timeless and familiar. Suitable for a baby boy but not for Guy already higher. On the other hand, you can Captivate girls of all ages.

My test with Baby Tous

If there is something that can descrbirla is the “soapy” smell clean. ES Although sparkling fresh, the touch of neroli flower powder it a bit and gives you strength. Penetrating in the flush flush time, decreases its intensity in seconds. His fixation is average but must be taken into account that It’s an eau de cologne, not, from an eau de toilette.

I want to say that, by its formulation, it can not be otherwise. I can now smell the last background notes and four hours ago I took her on the skin of my hand. Still smelling clean, very subtle.

The range of bath

These fresh water bath products are welcome to use my. If not take the colony, its bath gel and body oil scented are an ideal complement for the ritual of the bath or shower. And, of course, a teddy bear the size of a span with dispenser in your bathroom is cute. Candlelight for atmosphere? Also.

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