Lighter Perfumes Gift Ideas for Christmas

To complete the post about intense perfumes to give away at Christmas today we present a series of ideas for gifting lighter perfumes. There is much to choose from, since the time of the year in which more perfumes are sold it is Christmas and Epiphany. In this case I will leave fresh and floral perfume recommendations.

I start by a classic always among my perfumes: 5th Avenue Elizabeth Arden. Besides that it is a very characteristic floral perfume that is unlike any other, their gift boxes are wonderful. You can buy it that you see in the picture for a few 48 euros, with spray size sale, shower gel, body milk and miniature for carrying in the bag. Continue reading

We Tested the New Fragrance of Mango, Lady Rebel

In Christmas give away many colonies and perfumes. You have already submitted a selection of perfumes intense and sometimes we tell you how they are and how to smell the fragrances that are falling on the skin of Sweeping, so it is easier to choose.

Today it is the turn to the new fragrance of Mango, Lady Rebel. It is a scent conceived in a dual way, on the one hand remains one of the strongest this autumn-winter trends, the style rocker, and by not losing the feminine essence more Lady. This duality is also born the name: Lady Rebel.

By the way, the letters and the drawing of the packaging reminds me enough to Black XS by Paco Rabanne, Perfume also manufactured by the same company that this handle, Puig. Continue reading

Some Gift Ideas about Perfumes for Christmas

It has come to that time of the year, Christmas, with its tinsel and lights, and how not, with their gifts. And we not only received them, but that we also need to make them, what, sometimes becomes a problem. We have no time, we don’t know exactly what to look for, or what have launched brands on the market. In sweeping, we will try to help with a series of posts about ideas for gift giving at Christmas. Continue reading

How to Distinguish an Imitation from an Original Fragrance

Today I have been in the weekly market circling all the stops of clothing, shoes, accessories and perfumes which are sold in these markets without too much control. A friend wanted to buy a Calvin Klein perfume: was an imitation.

First talk of the two types of imitations. The crude imitation of similar name and similar design is usually very cheap. Second, the exact copy of everything: color, name and design. It tends to be under cellophane and often costs half the price of the original or something else. Continue reading

Learn How to Get Your Perfume in a Vaporizer Bag

You raise your hand who can buy your favourite fragrance in a jar without spray, Please. Of course, almost no one. And it is that without spray vials are scarce and are in danger of extinction. At least in conventional perfumery.

Becomes more and more difficult to carry a sachet bag with your fragrance unless you can afford a bag Limited Edition or perfume/extract. That is small, as opposed to its price. What can you do?. Continue reading

The Major Highlights of Protocol in New Collection of Ch

There are weeks where we don’t talk about what’s new in perfumes, and others in which we took out our olfactory nose which perfumers. As well, following the analysis of bubble, She Wood and Issey Miyake, comes a tutorial that we can serve as help, signed nothing more and nothing less than by designer Carolina Herrera. Continue reading

Jimmy Choo Already Launches Her First Perfume

More than one and more than two longs for the stiletto heel of Jimmy Choo. Because in this maelstrom of fragrances with name already enshrined in another facet, the London firm is launched with Tamara Mellon as the protagonist to the aromatic world.

Indeed, the owner of the firm starred in advertising, funny. That Yes, the launch will be exclusively in department stores in New York Saks Fifth Avenue on 15 January. If any has holiday and by the Big Apple then, you already have to turn event. Continue reading

Sales Failure of Jennifer Aniston Perfume

The American actress Jennifer Aniston It has not had luck with its perfume. Apparently not because it was a bad or good perfume, but that has apparently been for bad organization to promote the product.

Jennifer was very excited in the creation of the perfume since they allowed participation in the process.

At first the perfume was going to call “ Lolavie ”, but just before his promotion, Jennifer decided to rename it by your own “ Jennifer Aniston ”, and perhaps this puzzled people. Continue reading

Money, a Special Perfume Inspired by Money

Life is full of fun things and I often wonder what new thing will discover today. Well, today I have learned that it is possible to bottle the scent of money and sell it. And it doesn’t smell bad. Until you think that I’ve become crazy from the desire I have to eat potato omelette, a few days ago was launched in United States a couple of fragrances for him and her, called Money, that you smell money. Continue reading