Nails Decorated with Butterflies

Today we can choose between several models of nails decorated, because there is a wide variety of techniques and designs. One of the models that do more success with women, are the nails decorated with butterflies. The nail arts of butterflies are charming and, unlike what many people think, are not difficult to do. To do this drawing is only takes a little practice and let the creativity flow to create beautiful and unique designs. Continue reading

Dior “Golden Jungle” Collection for Fall

A complete “Golden jungle” I’ve already melted look, I have already introduced the nail “Amazonia” you – missing two products from the – now available – fall collection “Golden jungle” by Dior: the star product, the “Golden jungle” palette color version “Golden khakis” and one of the Lipsticks of Dior Addict, namely “wild”. Continue reading

How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer on Natural Nails

You just put the enamel and is already chipped? No fear! With our tips for a manicure long-life no longer it seems that your nails are outputs from a bramble of thorns

1. Use a cotton swab to clean the nails with white vinegar before applying nail polish

This arrangement eliminates product waste or the natural oils that are present on the nail and may pose a barrier to adhesion of the enamel. Apply it after your nails are dry.

2. Do not soak your nails before laccarle

Beauticians do to soften the cuticles, but this way the nails hold water and dilate (as in the picture).When they dry, however, they shrink and the enamel is no longer suited to the new form. Ask your esthetician to use, maybe, a cuticle oil. Continue reading