Chroming Is the New Strobing!

Beauty alert: Chroming is the new technique darling of makeup artists and celebrities in the world of fashion. The technique broke into the backstage of international fashion week this season and a few days ago became official as one of the biggest trends of beauté for this season! The Chroming came up with this photo published on instagram of Dominic Skinner, senior makeup artist, MAC, which backed the lipstick color “All I Want” in partnership with the singer Mariah Carey. Continue reading

Review: Matte Lipstick Pencil Dailus Pro!

If there’s one thing I’m in love, it’s lipstick pencil! I think super practical this format, it fits in any bag, is functional in time to apply and can be in any color or finish. These days there’s a huge box of products of Dailus Pro to test here at home, I photographed all at the same time and I was testing the few, which is why this post didn’t come out before. Turns out, right away, I was in love with these pencils lipstick with matte finish. Continue reading

Lip Protector for Cold – Buy, Prices

Prices and Where To Buy Lip Protector for Cold

In this cold people will suffer a lot with cracked lips because you woman passing lipstick can give an improvement on your lip now you who is man does not have like you have to buy lip balm for cold, here you will see what prices and where buy the lip balm, be careful to see where to buy the lip balm for the cold and see and buy now your lip balm for the cold. Continue reading

Miriam Jacks in the Interview – “Is a Little Makeup”

How Miriam jacks get the perfect red lips and how her Make-Up artist for L ‘ Oréal Paris.

For their young 27 years, already a giant in the beauty industry is Miriam Jacks: of course she has melted all the possible stars as a makeup artist and created a unique oasis of beauty in Berlin with their jacks beauty Department.  Continue reading

Releases of Cosmetics at Beauty Fair Vult!

A vegetarian my amoressss  today I’m starting the week giving congratulations jumps huhuuuu, as always I MEGA excited eh, who knows me knows my astral hit there on the heights, happiness is low here in my body, I’m actually connected a generator , can only, or connected directly to a hydroelectric power plant kkkkkkk. Well, this whole explosion of happiness is to tell you that I was very happy with the Distributor of the Vult Cosmetics in Mato Grosso do Sul to participate in the Beauty Fair 2015, was at the fair for 3 days and I got to know really what is the Vu lt in the universe beauty Cosmetics.  Continue reading

Lipstick Beauty Salon

Beautiful, seductive lips is the finishing touch on a beautiful makeup. But make sure that the lips are not in competition with eye makeup, so there is a danger, you get a klovnet expression. Select like to focus on either the eyes or mouth, when you put makeup. Do you use e.g. a lot of colored eye makeup, so use just a delicate gloss on the lips. And do you use reverse a beautiful, bright red lipstick, so let your eyes take a little in the background, and save on the colors.


A lipstick is a classic piece of makeup and appears in almost all women’s makeup purse. Especially the beautiful, red lipstick, which never goes out of fashion and is extremely sexy and seductive. A bright red lipstick can almost – perhaps in combination with beautiful, red nails – be makeup enough.


A lip gloss gives lips a beautiful, moist and glistening sheen, so they look both healthy and kissing-inviting out. Many women use lipglossen that they use lip balm, because it freshens up the makeup everyday and is easy to carry in your bag. A lipgloss can also, of course, easily be used for an evening makeup.