Most Famous Green Perfumes and Their Success throughout History

Surely more than once you’ve heard of the so-called Green perfumes. When a perfume is called green we do not mean purely the colour, although most come in bottles with green tones, but we refer to the entire universe of smells and images that come to mind when we smell them.

Usually these perfumes tend to be fresh, juvenile and evoke the freshness Green gardens or the grass freshly cut with its aroma. Also evoke rebellion, optimism and dynamism, which explains why the time of wrath of the Green perfumes were just after major crises or revolutions, as the end of World War II or the French may of 68 times in which people needed a radical change, also when choosing their perfumes.

Let’s look at the the most famous Green perfumes and the reason for its success throughout history. Continue reading

Tested Result of the New Issey Miyake Perfume

Last month, Sergio spoke to us of the Green perfumes, one of my favorite olfactive families which I combine with the Orientals depending on the occasion. I dedicate to him the post of a new fragrance Floral-Verde fantastic, A Scent by Issey Miyake.

It is a new fragrance for women where it shows the creative imprint of the Japanese designer. The purity and minimalism that characterizes him impregnate the bottle, its design, material and of course, fragrance. There is its personality, maintained in its range of perfumes from the start. Continue reading