Do You Dare You with Kristen Stewart Makeup?

Black and white. Celebrities do not look anything these days and Kristen Stewart It is not an exception. Although I’ve never liked, in its latest public apriciones it looks perfect and always dressed in black. In the latter striking her dress, but also their makeup.


Makeup Gets More Beautiful with Outlined Obliterated or?

For a while the lower Eyelash line was forgotten in the world of fashion, in the last few seasons she came with everything appearing highlighted not only with traditional black, Brown and gray, but also with super original effects like unusual, false eyelashes extensions brightness and delineated. The question of time is the focus on […]


Small Eyes with Eyeliner Enlarge: Tips and Tricks

To be able to draw the perfect eyeliner is not in vain one of the most important beauty skills. Eyeliner also helps you make your eyes bigger. A great eyeliner not only makes the highlight of any eye make-up, the elegantly curved eyeliner can also help you to conjure small eyes larger as desired. With […]