Best Anti Imperfection Cream

New proposals and must-have for the anti-imperfection cream that has conquered women combining three products: face cream, concealer and foundation.

The hot season is approaching and begin to lighten the make up from the bottom. In this period it is the foundation to remain closed in the drawer, leaving the space BB Cream. The BB cream were born in Germany thanks to the study of some doctors who stavono working on creating a product applied to the skin after surgery, a product that idratasse and at the same time would cover the scars imperfections. Success came first in Korea and then throughout the world, becoming today an essential element in the kit of every woman. The BB cream enclose in himself three products: face cream, concealer and foundation. It is therefore important to choose it according to your skin type: mixed, normal, oily or dry. In fact, the formulations for dry skin contain more nutrients which would be excessive for oily skin, instead they need balancing formulations to prevent the formation of excess sebum.The BB cream is a cream anti imperfections, a product that combines hydration and make up. These creams are easy to use and their formulations make the bright and uniform skin, but the effect is not very opaque, making it ideal for the warmer periods.

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