Beauty, The First White Makeup Line

White your first line of makeup at affordable prices with the tones of fashion of the season premiere. However, in a charming and practical container. And it is that continuing with its innovative vocation, white launches an exclusive line of cosmetics with the most prominent colors of this Autumn-winter 2010-2011. To this store already it nothing is missing you. Continue reading

Beauty Tips Cosmetic Quote!

One more week starting and here’s news of beauty chicks huhuuu. Founded in 1965, in the city of Duque de Caxias, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, the directors of the Aspa Cosmetics were inspired by the beauty of the woman in the blue Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea to create exclusive products, modern and efficient for women who know how to value each detail of your beauty. The Aspa cosmetics, as they themselves say has a line to use “head to toe”, surely you’ve ever used any of these products. What I already knew was the makeup fixative spray, which by the way is great, but they have fasteners, volume mousse for hair, pantyhose and many other products (all in spray).They did a Special Edition miniatures with vintage packaging to celebrate the anniversary of the brand, which was blowing the candles of 50 years in the Beauty fair. Continue reading

Releases of Cosmetics at Beauty Fair Vult!

A vegetarian my amoressss  today I’m starting the week giving congratulations jumps huhuuuu, as always I MEGA excited eh, who knows me knows my astral hit there on the heights, happiness is low here in my body, I’m actually connected a generator , can only, or connected directly to a hydroelectric power plant kkkkkkk. Well, this whole explosion of happiness is to tell you that I was very happy with the Distributor of the Vult Cosmetics in Mato Grosso do Sul to participate in the Beauty Fair 2015, was at the fair for 3 days and I got to know really what is the Vu lt in the universe beauty Cosmetics.  Continue reading