Best Face Makeup Products

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All of us need a little boost and help the beauty a bit on the way, and there will be makeup for the face into the picture. With the right products and the right tricks you can easily transform a little colorless, tired skin for a glowing and smooth. The vast selection demonstrates that there are very many products on the market from all the famous brands, so including you get a guide to the various types of foundation and makeup products for the face.



Foundation was formerly a very compact tire/bruncreme, which could be difficult to control in order not to look like an actor at a theatre. Today is a foundation fortunately another talk – they have become less dense and easier to control. A foundation covers well, so it is good to use if you need to get a uniform skin over entire face. Remember, however, to choose the one that suits your skin tone and your needs. If you have oily skin, you need to choose one that’s called something with oil free or oil control. A good way to get the exact color in foundation, so it looks natural, in addition, is to buy both a dark and light and so even mix a color that fits exactly to your tone.

The liquid foundation is the classic shape that you incur by taking a little out of hand and then distribute it in the face with his finger, a makeup sponge or brush.

Solid foundation looks like a powder, but have the same properties as a liquid. A solid foundation is, however, better to have on the road, because it is easy to have in your bag, and the mirror, the fungus and the flat shape makes it easy if you along the way to freshen up a bit.

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How to Put a Beautiful Makeup

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There is a great selection of makeup from all the delicious and famous brands. Read on here and get some tweaks to how you put a beautiful makeup.

Cleanse the skin

Before you put makeup, is a piece of advice to cleanse the face thoroughly with cleaning products. It is important to have a clean skin, so the makeup doesn’t settle in clumps or find it difficult to do his job properly.

Use a concealer

A concealer is really good, if you need to cover pimples, moles or other bumps on the face. Use a concealer before using powder.

How to attach you foundation?

In contrast to previous, it is no longer necessary to lubricate the foundation in addition to the entire face and down on the neck to avoid lines and transitions. They are, in fact, become more refined and do not give the same lines as a deck-or brown cream. Use like foundation the places, the skin needs it, e.g. over a red nose, forehead or on bumpy skin on your cheeks. A sporadic use allows for a much more natural look than if you put it on as a mask – use a sponge or your finger to smear it on.

We will cover all types of foundation: liquid, solid, and mineral and of course BB cream. Read more about the different effects under the face.

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