Nails Decorated with Butterflies

Today we can choose between several models of nails decorated, because there is a wide variety of techniques and designs. One of the models that do more success with women, are the nails decorated with butterflies. The nail arts of butterflies are charming and, unlike what many people think, are not difficult to do. To do this drawing is only takes a little practice and let the creativity flow to create beautiful and unique designs. Continue reading

Apply Eye Shadows – This Makes It Possible

Eyeshadow is a perfect eye makeup. The best utensil you use to apply the eyeshadow depends on your makeup and preferences.

Special applicators are particularly suitable for applying the eyeshadow. These consist of foam, on which the eyeshadow remains particularly well stick. The eyeshadow applicators are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on the position of the eyelid you want to apply the eyeshadow, it is advisable to use different large eyeshadow applicators. Continue reading

10 Designs of Ones Without Tools for Autumn Winter

Welcome to Nailistas, the blog of the lovers of the nails. Today I come to give you 10 ideas of nails decorated without tools for autumn-winter. We will not use any nail art tool but if you use a toothpick and in another a piece of adhesive tape. I hope you enjoy it, if it is and you know that you can rate the video, comment and of course subscribe to my channel. In my shop you will find products that I have used, in this case all the enamels are rangeRich Color of Golden Rose. I leave you with the video: Continue reading