Make of Carnival-Mermaid/Fairy!

The Carnival is coming and it was only fair that teach you how to make a make a Carnival super worthy to enjoy the revelry. You know that day, like the Friday that you leave the Office, college or any other compromise and is with that very basic make-up of everyday life? Is pretty easy to turn into a make of Carnival of envy in any girl who has been hours makeup… the best thing about this is that you can turn in less than 5 minutes and with makeup items that you should have at home! Continue reading

Review: Matte Lipstick Pencil Dailus Pro!

If there’s one thing I’m in love, it’s lipstick pencil! I think super practical this format, it fits in any bag, is functional in time to apply and can be in any color or finish. These days there’s a huge box of products of Dailus Pro to test here at home, I photographed all at the same time and I was testing the few, which is why this post didn’t come out before. Turns out, right away, I was in love with these pencils lipstick with matte finish. Continue reading

Book Review: Shadow Duo Vult!

Hi, girls! The review today is about the duo of shadows Vult I received in Hair 2015 Brazil–in fact, are two products in a review but only change the colors. I tested the duo on 09 color (purple and blue) and also the duo in color 02 (silver and black)–do not notice that the packaging is still the old, but the product itself is the same of the new packaging of the brand. Continue reading

Highlighting & Contouring – Tips and Tricks

Do you want to make your facial expressions more effective? Then you profit from the make-up trend “Contouring” and puts so skillfully highlights on the face. This make-up technique gives you a perfect illumination of the face – at the same time, problem zones can be easily hidden. Get all the important information for perfect facial contours here. Continue reading

Apply Eye Shadows – This Makes It Possible

Eyeshadow is a perfect eye makeup. The best utensil you use to apply the eyeshadow depends on your makeup and preferences.

Special applicators are particularly suitable for applying the eyeshadow. These consist of foam, on which the eyeshadow remains particularly well stick. The eyeshadow applicators are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Depending on the position of the eyelid you want to apply the eyeshadow, it is advisable to use different large eyeshadow applicators. Continue reading