Nails Decorated with Butterflies

Today we can choose between several models of nails decorated, because there is a wide variety of techniques and designs. One of the models that do more success with women, are the nails decorated with butterflies. The nail arts of butterflies are charming and, unlike what many people think, are not difficult to do. To do this drawing is only takes a little practice and let the creativity flow to create beautiful and unique designs.

Your nails decorated with butterflies can be used in various types of occasions, from day to day situations until a special party. In addition to very versatile, this nail art leaves the visual of any woman more feminine and elegant, since it is a very romantic design. The design of the butterfly can be made in just a nail to make the more discreet, or in all the nails. The size and colors of the design also varies according to the taste of every woman.

A great alternative for those who want to do your nails decorated with butterflies, but haven’t had much practice, is drawing only on a nail and paint the rest with a similar color or neutral. The deep end of the nail that leads the design can be done with a colorless glaze to give a natural glow, or a neutral color, such as white and nude. If opt for a colorful background color, take care to choose colors that talk to each other.

To make the nail arts of butterflies you will need several nail brushes. They are suitable for grinding and fills, so are used to let the perfect designs. The brushes are very cheap and can be found in perfumeries and even in stationery stores. To complete the list of materials, Special paints for nails, which can be found in cosmetic stores. But glazes can also override these paints.

Learn how to do nails decorated with butterflies

There are several drawings of butterflies that you can do at home. Thinking about it, I selected a few tutorials that teach doing nails decorated with butterflies passes. Check out!

French side Butterfly

For those who haven’t had much practice with nail decor, the butterfly is made of hand can be a good alternative. In the video below, you will learn to make a beautiful French girl with a delicate butterfly design in a nail.

Butterflies with poás

Poás fingernails are delicate and are very successful with women. And the combination of delicate polka dots with the butterflies is even more beautiful. See how to make your nails decorated with butterflies and poás, watching the video below.

Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly fascinates everyone with its incomparable beauty. Your drawing can also be used to decorate your nails. See a step by step, that teaches you how to make this beautiful and delicate butterfly on the nails.

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